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Zissy Wigs Makes Waves

By Shoshana Selig

The word “boutique” conjures up images of Parisian shops offering exclusive designer creations. A boutique is that coveted niche of space where designer, artisan, and expert craftsperson mesh with top-grade fabrics and impeccable service. Boutique is most often presented as a noun, but more recently has come be used as an adjective. Boutique is everything you’ve dreamed about, with a label that can stand behind it. Think elegance, think luxurious, and you’ve got the feeling “boutique” elicits.

Yet, the allure and glamour of a boutique-style product is not merely a status symbol. It refers to the versatility and durability of the product. One that will withstand the test of time and stand up to the demands expected of it. When that criterion is met, you know you’ve met a timeless classic. When you couple that with artisan craftsmanship and design, you have a game-changer. When you create your own category of wigs, you have a Zissy Wig, a definitive boutique wig.

The boutique wig that has entered the market head-and-shoulders above the rest carries the name of the invincible Zissy Reiner. With attention to detail, honed from many years in the industry, Zissy Reiner has made waves with her deliverance of a quest nearly four years in the making.

What started out as a calling to produce an elegant line of wigs, quickly evolved into a full-blown passion to create a couture wig that would rival all wigs as we know them. A wig enthusiast for over a decade, Zissy has fine-tuned and tested her product to create the overachiever of wigs. The results are truly a category all their own.

In preparing for this assignment, I asked a number of wig stylists: What truly sets Zissy Wigs ahead of the pack? The responses were unanimous. The hair. The 100% natural hair. No fillers, no chemically processed hair, just amazing hair to beautify the wig-wearing woman.

How did Zissy Reiner master that elusive trait of a wig, for it to appear natural even to the most seasoned wig-wearer amongst us? Simply by infusing only superbly natural, top-grade hair to every masterpiece created in her plant. Zissy hand selects hair, avoiding hair that has a tendency to mat or frizz. Those hairs get sold on the secondary-grade market instead and are never used in a Zissy creation.

Moreover, Zissy has earmarked specific hair type and hair origin to the parts of the wig that benefit most from the individualized characteristic of each. The nape of the wig needs more durable hair that is a different texture than the hairline or top of the wig. Traditionally, a spot where wig manufacturers have sought to compromise on quality, Zissy Wigs uses only unprocessed hair on every segment of the wig. The price point pays for itself, as tangling and clumping and subsequent specialized chemical treatments and incessant wig washings are a thing of the past. Zissy Reiner believes every woman should be able to wash her wig, air-dry it, and look in vogue. With the high-end Brazilian and Russian hair used exclusively throughout, a Zissy Wig can be naturally air dried and worn. It is that natural.

Intrigued, I wondered about wayward strands that often seem to go every which way when I to attempt to wear my wigs in that manner. I am assured that Zissy Wigs are produced by wig-wearers much like ourselves. Seamlessly produced in Israel by Jewish women, and not on the Asian circuit, these women get it. They get the type of versatility we need and weave the wigs accordingly. They know 24-hour wigs because they live in wigs 24/7, too.

Zissy is proud to say that with that understanding comes a seamless feel of quality workmanship that is artisan-grade. Completely low-maintenance, all the wigs have been rigorously tested in high-humidity conditions in her plant to ensure they meet her standards.

Setting up the plant in Israel took grit and relentless drive. No stranger to either, Zissy shuttled back and forth and streamlined a unique process. Choosing from the finest wig stylists and hair specialists with decades of combined experience, she assembled an Israeli dream-team of talented, creative women. Women who live and breathe wigs; women who live and breathe the land of Israel. Zissy is proud to provide a niche and expression of creativity for these women. Setting up a multi-million dollar plant in Israel has its set of challenges, but the achievement of creating jobs in Israel for passionate women and busy moms like herself has been well worth the research and investment.

Zissy has perfected her palette of colors by weaving hair wefts of various color shades together to create vivid hues of all colors. Ready-to-wear customs with an intricate line of full-color specifications are virtually unheard of in pre-fabricated customs. The advantage is that the wig you try on is the wig you get. No guesswork, no wait time, no relying on sheer luck. Simply an authentic wig.

Available in various sizes and textures, with rooted looks and highlights, there is nothing left to the imagination. If you want to enhance a wig with your modifications, they can be added once you’ve met your match as far as overall fit, color, and feel. Then the out-of-the-box custom can be enhanced and outfitted with your signature look.

If you’ve breathed a sigh of relief right there, you are a veteran of sheitels past. Zissy Wigs has endeavored to take the guesswork out of the process and ensure a long-lasting wig. No chemicals and no dyes are ever used, and the result is perfect for the woman who wants realistic-looking hair, hair that moves and feels natural all day long. Designed for a woman who wants to “let her hair down” and sometimes wants to just pin it all up in nonchalant disarray. Zissy Wigs has mastered that open front look with the silk-top and lace-front; for added dimension, think cowlick or haphazard hairline. For those who want more volume, the mono-top is the preferred choice, though volume can be specified at your point of purchase, to any cap, by adding density in key areas of your wig.

The staff of stylists at Zissy Wigs can help your personal wig stylist achieve your signature look, or for an up-close and personal tour of Zissy Wigs, book a visit at their well-appointed Brooklyn salon and see what inspired the boutique wig.

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