The ZOA has strongly criticized President Obama for refusing to attend the massive four-million strong anti-Islamic-terrorism rally in France. The rally was attended by dozens of national presidents and prime ministers from around the world, including the heads of France, Germany, England, and Israel.

Not only did President Obama refuse to attend, he did not even send Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, or Attorney General Holder who was in France for other meetings. Instead, he sent a major political Obama donor, the US ambassador to France, to represent the United States.

What a disgrace–the most important international protest in history against the frightening and expanding scourge of Islamic terrorism and the U.S. is essentially absent.

By this action, President Obama has humiliated all Americans in front of the whole world while sending the wrong message to Islamic murderers.

For shame, Mr. President; have you no decency?

But perhaps we should not be surprised by President Obama’s lack of participation:

1. President Obama has refused during his entire presidency to even use the term Islamic terrorism. Instead he uses terms such as ‘violent extremism’ or ‘workplace violence’. By refusing to name the enemy who is at war with the West, it makes it more difficult to focus on actions that need to be taken. France, England, and other countries have publicly stated that we are at war with radical jihadist Muslims. President Obama has refused to make this critical point.

2. President Obama has ordered to delete and never to use terms like “Islamic terrorism” in any and all official military and government documents.

3. He invited the mother of all Islamic terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, to sit in the front rows at his first major speech on Muslims and the Middle East at a university in Cairo, Egypt. This is despite the fact that Egyptian President Mubarak begged him not to invite the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

4. Although he publicly supported the rallies to oust Mubarak from power, he refused to support the rallies in Iran to oust genocidal terrorist Iranian leader Ahmadinejad, claiming “it’s an internal Iranian matter.”

5. President Obama has released numerous Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo prison even though they were officially designated as high risk for future terrorist attacks by terrorism experts.

6. Muslim Brotherhood members have attended meetings at the White House and with members of the National Security Council.

7. When a radical Muslim psychiatrist murdered 13 U.S. soldiers at Ft. Hood, President Obama simply called this ‘workplace violence’ even though the Muslim psychiatrist’s business card stated he was a ‘soldier of Allah’.

8. President Obama has pressured Israel, a U.S. ally and democracy to make one-sided concessions, but ignored the fact that the Palestinian Authority’s terrorist-promoting Muslim dictator Mahmoud Abbas refused to make any concessions, including fulfilling any of his obligations under the Oslo Agreements.

9. During President Obama’s campaign for president, the New York Times reported (May 16, 2008) that Mr. Obama spoke of the ‘legitimate claims’ of Hezbollah and Hamas.

10. At a meeting of the White House with Jewish Leaders, with ZOA’s Morton Klein in attendance, President Obama proclaimed, “Is Israel serious about peace? You U.S. Jewish leaders must search your souls and must talk to your Israeli friends and relatives and ask them to search their souls, and ask how badly do you really want peace? Israelis think this peace process is overrated, their life is good, and things are reasonably quiet, but PA’s president Abbas is sincere about peace and everyone knows that.”

11. President Obama has fought against additional sanctions on the terrorist funding and promoting the Muslim terrorist state of Iran. He has refused to fully implement existing sanctions, after having fought Congress’s actions to enact them. He has now eliminated many of these sanctions. President Obama has caved in to Iranian demands allowing them to keep their uranium and centrifuges (at a lower level of enrichment) while extending one negotiation deadline after another. He has more than implied that he will not use military force against them, which dramatically reduces pressure on Iran to comply. Obama has even talked about appointing a U.S. ambassador to Iran and Iran becoming a more ‘important regional power’. During these dramatically extended negotiations, Iran is likely moving forward on their nuclear program at facilities where monitoring is not permitted.

Why is President Obama more sensitive and sympathetic to radical Muslim terrorists than he is to the victims of radical Muslim savagery and murder?


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