Junior Varsity Play

By Judah Rhine

The MTA JV Lions took their home floor against the SAR Sting on Thursday night. MTA won their previous matchup, handing SAR their only loss of the season. They went into this game shorthanded, as they were without their starting point-guard (Marc Giahn) and starting power forward (Yehudah Buchbinder). The game was a defensive struggle throughout, a credit to both teams’ stellar defense. MTA was led by Binyamin Buchbinder whose slashing and driving hard to the basket helped them keep a slim lead for most of the game. SAR’s offensive spark came from timely three-point shooting in the second half and they ultimately pulled out the victory, 31—27.

Varsity Roundup

The Heschel Heat, coming off a tough four-point loss to HAFTR in their last game, went to TABC in a game to determine third or fourth place in the playoff picture. The Heat came out playing unbelievable man-to-man defense in the first half and took a 24—10 margin into the locker room led by sophomore point-guard Michael Gatan’s 9 points. TABC fought back to draw within a 33—28 deficit after the third period, and a very long 3 by Poleyoff with 6 seconds to go in the game tied up matters and sent the game into overtime tied at 47. Only 3 points were scored by each team in the first overtime, but the Heat opened up a lead early in the second overtime and were able to withstand a couple of threes by Brum to win 65—62. Gatan, only a sophomore, finished with 22 points (also had 5 assists and 5 rebounds) to lead Heschel, followed by senior Jonathan Granowitz with 17. Senior Brum finished with 26 after only having 3 at halftime. The Heat will now host JEC next week in an opening round 3/6 game.

With a battle for second place and with a first round playoff bye on the line in the High School Varsity League, DRS defeated North Shore Hebrew Academy 30 to 28. The game was a hard-played defensive battle from start to finish. Gabriel Leifer was high-scorer with 13 points, and his two free throws with less than a minute left put DRS in the lead for good. DRS is now 18—6 overall and 11—3 in Yeshiva League Play.

MDY defeated MTA 51—39 concluding the season on a three-game winning streak. MDY finishes 9—5 in Varsity league play. Jack Chehabar had 17 points and Liran Cohen 15.

Seventh-Grade Update

On a bitter cold February night, the seventh-grade Flatbush Falcons traveled to Great Neck for the second time in four days to play North Shore. Flatbush started off fast once again and raced out to a 12—4 first-quarter lead. In the second quarter, North Shore started to make a bit of a comeback but were still down at halftime 22—14. After a strong third quarter, Flatbush took control with a 38—24 advantage. In the fourth quarter, North Shore tried to cut into the lead but it was too little, too late. The final score was Flatbush 47, North Shore 32. Flatbush had balanced scoring and was led by Kal Abed with 12 points, Ness Ades with 11, and Eli Cohen with 10. North Shore was led by Rahmani with 10 and Kalaty with 8.

Girls’ Varsity

Bruriah secured a home-court advantage in the A League with a 49—41 regular-season finale victory against Hillel. Led by senior co-captains Nikki Bick and Michal Hyman, the Lightning led by as many as 10 until midway through the fourth quarter, when Hillel made a run and closed to within 2. The Lightning, who had not practiced or played since their victory against Kushner on January 3, had an answer for each of Hillel’s baskets and opened up the eight-point lead with 1:30 to go in the game. Bruriah ended its regular season 10—2 at the top of the Western division. During halftime, seniors Bick, Hyman, and Chaya Levin were celebrated for their contributions on and off the court.

Senior co-captains Avigayil Wiener and Elana Rutner led the Lightning to two B-League road victories on consecutive nights. Bruriah defeated Magen David 34—27 in what turned into a close game in the fourth quarter. Magen David, trailing by 12 with about 6 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, went on a run to take the lead 25—23. Bruriah regained the lead at about the 4-minute mark and outscored Magen David 11—2. The following night, Bruriah opened its final game of the regular season with a 16—0 run at Shalhevet. The lead blossomed to as many as 28. Wiener and Rutner got help from Ilana Markowitz and Gila Alter on offense and Hindy Goldberg and Shira Alter on defense. Bruriah finished its regular season as a second seed in the playoffs at 10—2.

Playoff Matchups

The Yeshiva League High School regular season has concluded and it is now time to look ahead to the playoff matchups.

Boys’ Varsity League. HAFTR, DRS, Frisch, and TABC have secured first-round byes. First-Round Matchups: HANC at North Shore; YDE at MDY; JEC at Heschel; and Ramaz at Hillel.

Boys’ Junior Varsity League. Flatbush, HAFTR, SAR, and Frisch have secured first-round byes. Rambam at North Shore; HANC at DRS; Heschel at MTA; and TABC at Ramaz.

Girls’ Varsity “A” League. Hillel at Ramaz; North Shore at Bruriah; SAR at Flatbush; and HAFTR at Frisch.

Girls’ Varsity “B” League. Ilan at Bruriah and MDY at SKA

Girls’ JV League. Kushner at Flatbush; Central at Maayanot; HAFTR at SAR; and Frisch at North Shore.

Basketball Standings:
Boys’ Middle School

Eighth Grade

Division 1

Flatbush                                  7—0

Barkai                                     7—1

MDY                                        5—2

YCQ                                         3—3

YDH                                         3—6

CHY                                         1—7

YOH                                         1—8

SSSQ                                        0—9


Division 2

HAFTR                                    7—0

NSHA                                      5—1

HALB                                      5—2

YHT                                         4—2

Brandeis                                  3—6

HANC                                      2—6


7th Grade

HAFTR                                    7—1

MDY                                        5—2

HALB                                      3—3

Flatbush                                  3—5

NSHA                                      1—8


6th Grade

North Shore                            9—0

Flatbush                                  5—2

HAFTR                                    5—2

MDY                                        4—3

HALB                                      3—3

Barkai                                      3—4

YCQ                                         2—4

YDH                                         1—7

YHT                                         0—7

Girls’ Middle School


YHT                                         6—1

North Shore                            4—3

HAFTR                                    4—3

Flatbush                                  4—4

HANC                                      3—4

Brandeis                                  2—8

Women Only

HALB                                      7—0

Barkai                                      6—2

YNJ                                          5—2

MDY                                        5—3

YCQ                                         2—4

Shulamith BK                        2—6

Bruriah                                    2—7

Shulamith LI                          0—5

Boys’ High School


Eastern Division

HAFTR                                 14—0

DRS                                       11—3

North Shore                            9—5

Magen David                        9—5

YDE                                         8—6

HANC                                      5—9

Flatbush                                4—10

Derech Hatorah                   1—13

Rambam                              1—13


Western Division

Frisch                                     14—0

TABC                                    10—4

Heschel                                    9—5

Hillel                                         9—5

Ramaz                                     7—7

JEC                                           7—7

SAR                                          5—9

MTA                                      3—11

Kushner                                 0—14



Eastern Division

Flatbush                                10—0

HAFTR                                    8—1

North Shore                            8—2

DRS                                          5—4

HANC                                      4—6

Rambam                                 4—6

YDE                                         4—6

Shaare Torah                         3—5

Magen David                         3—6

Ezra                                       0—10

Western Division

SAR                                          9—1

Frisch                                       8—2

MTA                                        7—3

Ramaz                                     5—5

TABC                                      4—5

Heschel                                    4—5

JEC                                           3—6

Kushner                                   3—7

Hillel                                         0—9

Girls’ High School

Varsity “A”

Eastern Division

Ramaz                                  11—1

Flatbush                                  7—4

HAFTR                                    7—5

North Shore                            5—7

HANC                                      3—7

Central                                  1—10

Heschel                                 1—11

Western Division

Bruriah                                  10—2

SAR                                          9—3

Frisch                                       9—3

Hillel                                         5—7

Maayanot                               5—7

Kushner                                   3—9


Varsity “B”

SKA                                       12—0

Bruriah                                  10—2

Ilan                                           6—6

Shalhevet                                6—6

MDY                                        6—6

Shaare Torah                       2—10

Shulamith                             0—12



Eastern Division

Flatbush                                  8—2

North Shore                            7—2

HAFTR                                                    4—6

Central                                                     3—6

Ramaz                                                     1—9


Western Division

Maayanot                                               9—1

SAR                                                          8—2

Frisch                                                       6—4

Kushner                                                   3—7

Westchester                                          0—10

Hockey Standings

Boys’ Varsity


HAFTR                                                      24

DRS                                                            23

HANC                                                        18

North Shore                                               13

Rambam                                                   12

Flatbush                                                     10

SSLI                                                              4

Magen David                                              4



TABC                                                         25

SAR                                                            23

Kushner                                                     21

MTA                                                           16

Ramaz                                                       16

Frisch                                                          11

JEC                                                               8

Heschel                                                        2


Boys’ JV


Rambam                                                   20

DRS                                                            16

Flatbush                                                     14

HANC                                                        11

HAFTR                                                      10

North Shore                                                 9

Magen David                                              8

YDE                                                              2

Shaare Torah                                              2



SAR                                                            20

TABC                                                         14

Frisch                                                          14

JEC                                                             10

MTA                                                           10

Ramaz                                                         7

Hillel                                                             4

Westchester                                                 0

Judah Rhine is co-director of MVP Boys Basketball Camp and has been coaching youth basketball for 30+ years. He can be reached at mvp4boys@gmail.com.


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