Ralph Wigs are widely known to be in a class of their own: sophisticated, stylish, smart, and special. Women from around the world prefer a Ralph Wig and refuse to settle for anything else. They will contact the office from the far corners of the earth, despite the distance. Many are loyal clients who come back to buy wigs over and over again. They bring their sisters, daughters, and friends, delighted to share that ultimate sense of satisfaction with others.

A wig begins with the hair. The company canvasses the markets of 40 different countries, determined to purchase the highest-quality hair to begin the artistic process. Second-rate just won’t do. Then the staff works with meticulous precision to create the foundation and sew in the hairs, often by hand. It’s a long and delicate process, but the results are invariably magnificent. The company recognizes that as important as it is to have beautiful hair, the hechsher on the hair must only be the best. They have the highest standards of kashrus with a hechsher from Rabbi Mordechai Gross of Bnei Brak.

But a wig is more than just hair. A wig stays on top of your head for many of your waking hours so it has to be super-comfortable. The caps and foundations of Ralph Wigs are famously lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Customers joke, “The wigs are so comfortable you can wear them to sleep!” A Ralph Wig customer is a happy customer. If there’s ever an issue with a purchase, the company takes responsibility. They offer a one-year guarantee on all sheitels, even those that are purchased from the sale collection or at discounted price. The dedicated company staff revisits the community very often to service the wigs. Such dedication and quality would lead one to believe that Ralph Wigs are perhaps prohibitively expensive, accessible only to those with a sizeable budget. Women around the world are generally astonished when they discover that these luxurious wigs are actually affordable and well-priced. Considering all of their enhanced and exclusive features, it’s what is known in the industry as the biggest bang for your buck.

Sounds too good to be true, but consider this: Ralph Wigs are affordable because they eliminate the middleman. The products are brought to you directly from their own manufacturing plant. That means no markups, no hidden fees, and no surprise costs. The results? Affordable luxury. It’s like having an uncle in the business.

No wonder the excitement is mounting and the buzz about wigs by Ralph is currently trending in virtually all communities. Most women are careful about choosing the wigs that they wear, and spend much time and effort researching their options. Those in the know will come straight to Ralph. They understand that it’s probably the easiest and best decision they’ll ever make.

For more information, call Ralph Wigs at 848-210-3121. Follow Ralph on Instagram @ralph_wigs and on Facebook at RALPH WIGS. Ask about Ralph’s two collections which will both be available at all the events: his sale collection and his Exclusive VIP Collection.


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