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Every community has its own unique personality and voice. Like its 5 Towns namesake, the 5 Towns Jewish Times is reliable but adventurous, refined but prone to the unexpected. Above all, the 5 Towns Jewish Times is unfailingly direct and refreshingly candid in its weekly reporting of local and regional news and happenings, as they pertain to residents of the 5 Towns, New York City’s five boroughs, and throughout greater Long Island.

Mission Statement:
The 5 Towns Jewish Times is committed to showing the best of our Orthodox Jewish community, while reflecting reality. The 5 Towns Jewish Times is committed to address all matters of note from a position of intelligence, integrity, and accuracy; and to report difficult social, political, and religious issues from all viewpoints without bias, whitewashing, or journalistic oversimplification.

Editorial Policies:

The editorial policy of the 5 Towns Jewish Times is to maintain a middle-of-the-road point-of-view to shed light on all reasonable perspectives in a fair and balanced way. The 5 Towns Jewish Times editorial policy, as it pertains to Israel, is to remain firmly committed to the safety and support of Eretz Yisroel and its people, and to the success of the government of the State of Israel. The 5 Towns Jewish Times also presents legitimate and constructive criticism of the Israeli government’s policies when and where warranted.

About the 5 Towns:
The 5 Towns of Nassau County (Inwood, Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, and Hewlett) is a suburban enclave bordering on Far Rockaway, Queens, and approximately ten minutes southeast of Kennedy Airport. The community is largely centered around the Long Island Railroad, which carries a significant percentage of 5 Towns residents to and from New York City on a daily basis. Many 5 Towns residents are Orthodox Jewish professionals, entrepreneurs, esteemed members of academia, and charismatic religious leaders.

The 5 Towns is renowned as a community of fascinating individuals and colorful personalities. Aside from spacious homes, abundant trees, and rolling backyards, the 5 Towns boasts a wealth of bustling shuls, world-class yeshivas, dazzling shops, a tantalizing variety of restaurants, active political discourse, and an impressive infrastructure of community activism and charitable activities.

The voice of the 5 Towns’ Orthodox Jewish community, the 5 Towns Jewish Times, week after week, successfully captures the local lexicon and compellingly conveys the frenetic, though charming, pace of life that is unique to the 5 Towns Orthodox Jewish community.

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The Five Towns Jewish Times is an independent weekly newspaper. Opinions expressed by writers and columnists are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. We are not responsible for the kashrus or hashgachah of any product or establishment advertised in the Five Towns Jewish Times.


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