Members of an Emergency Squad seen training with the Israeli soldiers in a terrorist infiltration scenario, in northern Israel, on January 18, 2024. Photo by Michael Giladi/Flash90

Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of Israel. Until the events of October 7, Mr. Netanyahu has represented and changed the Jewish state in many areas. His detractors for the longest time have been committed to his political demise. Critics have charged that Netanyahu wants to remove checks and balances on his power, which can dangerously undermine Israeli democracy by allowing any government that can muster 61 of 120 Knesset votes to enact whatever it can pass. The past year showed many attempts to oust Netanyahu from power, including trials for allegations of corruption.

If you really want to know what the game plan is to dislodge Netanyahu from power, all you have to do is watch how the Trump opposition, the “Deep State,” dealt with the 45th president since he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in 2016. That was the script that was being developed to deal with Bibi until the events of October 7 changed the script.

Before the war broke out, the game plan was to convict Netanyahu for accepting expensive champagne and cigars from an array of wealthy friends in exchange for political favors. He was charged with fraud, bribery, and breach of trust in three cases known as Case 1000, 2000, and 4000.

Netanyahu’s enemies even went so far as to see Sara Netanyahu convicted for ordering take-out food at the Prime Minister’s residence while the in-house chef was still on duty. Apparently according to Israeli law, take-out food cannot be ordered from Prime Minister’s home so long as the food preparation team is on the premises. If ever there was a petty rule or crime anywhere on the books, this has to be it.

As far as the devastating slaughter that took place on October 7, even those inside Israel will tell you that only a full investigation leading up to the murderous attack will reveal the nature of the events that caught Israel so off guard on a scale that can only be compared to the events leading up to the Yom Kippur War.

Of course, there are numerous rumors floating around that deal with the lengthy lack of military response to the attack and wanton wholesale murders and kidnappings in southern Israel that took place on that holiday and Shabbat morning.

And these painful questions have to be dealt with at some point. For example, was there a deliberate intent for a slow military response? Did somebody or a group of people see these attacks as an opportunity to deliver an irreparable blow to Mr. Netanyahu, one that he would not be able to politically maneuver out of and would have no choice but to step down as a response to what had occurred on his watch?

There are a great number of details that need to be disentangled here in order to come to a conclusion about what happened here and how so many lives were tragically lost.

These words are being written shortly after the news broke that 19 Israeli reservists were killed when Hamas gunmen fired a rocket-propelled grenade at two buildings, resulting in their collapse. Another rocket-propelled grenade hit a tank guarding the site, killing two soldiers. The buildings, located within a half mile from the border, were being prepared for demolition by the IDF in a strategy to demolish Hamas sites and establish a buffer zone.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the nation saying, “This was the most painful day since the war broke out. I strengthen the dear families of the heroic soldiers who fell on the battlefield. I know that for these families their lives have changed forever.”

This is a tough ongoing war with Hamas. No one ever anticipated that it would drag on for so long and that the Israeli superior fighting force would either be bogged down in this fashion or be forced to restrain their genuine fighting power under pressure from a shaky and uncertain foreign policy apparatus in the United States.

Despite the painful collection of tragedies, the anticipation and jockeying for post-war position is ongoing. Netanyahu did what he had to do by creating a unity government that included the head of the National Unity Party. Benny Gantz is a former Defense Minister and former general in the IDF.

For now, the polls that are taken incessantly in Israel show the Gantz party with a large lead over the Likud Party led by Mr. Netanyahu.

Bibi Netanyahu is now 74-years-old and as he speaks to the nation of Israel on a regular basis, you can see the gaunt, troubled look on his face and how despite internal political squabbling, no one considered that following a year of street protests on the matter of judicial reform, that war and mounting casualties would be the result.

It’s a troubling time and is currently compounded by the fact that U.S. policy on the war is partly being determined by the fact that we are about to move into the thick of a knock-down-drag-out election campaign for the White House as well as control of both houses of Congress.

President Biden’s record of support for Israel dates back to his decades in the Senate. But now, a great number of his supporters and future voters are leading the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas marches and protests, which leaves Democrats between a rock and a hard place in deciding between what is right and what seems (on the surface anyway) popular.

There is a sense that Hamas attacked when it did because Saudi Arabia and Israel were preparing to announce the “deal of the century,” a secretive new alliance that would open official communications and diplomatic relations to the tumultuous Middle East.

For now, that expansion of the Abraham Accords was forced into a secondary position but Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made it clear, even lately, that he is still interested in working with Israel once the war is over.

While facilitation from the U.S. might be necessary to make normalization a possibility, the U.S. is still fixed on the notion of creating a Palestinian State as a prerequisite for making the right moves to bring lasting peace to the Middle East region. It is likely the U.S.-Saudi-Israeli triangle will be a crucial line of effort for the U.S. in the Middle East for the near future.

The first matter is what happens next in Gaza. Netanyahu has insisted, and rightfully so, that over the near term, Israel has to maintain security control over the area. The Biden handlers, mostly Barack Obama and Antony Blinken, want Israel out of Gaza as soon as possible. Their idea is to put the Palestinian Authority in control of the strip. The problem with that is the P.A. is just as corrupt and violent as Hamas. So, that is just one of the immediate post-war challenges that must be addressed.

As astounding and shocking as it is, the Palestinian Authority administers a repugnant pay-to-slay program that allocates monthly salaries and benefits to those who murder Jews, and a lesser payment to those who only injure them. This financial reward clearly demonstrates the P.A.’s commitment to sponsoring terror against Israel, and incentivizing it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is a shocking program that violates all levels of international law. But just like the devastating attacks against Israeli women on October 7, the international community has no trouble just looking the other way.

We can have pro-Israel rallies and demand the immediate release of the hostages, but that will not dissuade the corrupt ways of the international leaders and the United Nations. Israel would love to be considered as one of the family of nations, and at times, we were able to imagine we actually were, but now it is abundantly clear that Israel and Jews are held to a different standard.

From a political perspective, Israel’s only hope for the future is the renewed ascendancy of Donald Trump to the White House. This is not a back door endorsement for his re-election; it is a statement of political expediency when faced with the ongoing situation in the world and primarily in the Middle East. For Israel’s sake, it is a matter of necessity and to prevent the Biden-Obama corruption machine as a way of entering through the front door.


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  1. Do you honestly believe that 1,300 Israelis were brutally murdered, nearly 300 kidnapped and held hostage ….. and the numbers are as high as they is because of an intentional scheme to discredit Bibi in the eyes of the Israeli people? You believe that there are ‘deep state’ forces in Israel who are willing to have Israelis murdered brutally and cruelly just to have a political smear against the Prime Minister? You are so deluded in your worship of Bibi’s leadership prowess that, rather than consider that he might have exhibited a moment of incompetence … Other Jews deciding that enabling a massacre of our people is more likely? Just because you didn’t explicitly name them doesn’t mean that these mysterious forces to whom you refer aren’t our fellow Jews.


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