Part II

By Cheri F. Rosen

What did you think of when you saw the title “At Last” for part I of this article? When I wrote it, before KC Market actually opened, I just heard Etta James in my head singing. But after being there as the store welcomed the throngs in the days to follow, Through the Looking Glass replaced that bluesy James vocal with the Walrus and the Carpenter exclaiming, “And thick and fast they came at last and more and more and more.”

If you missed last week’s column concerning the long-awaited arrival of Boynton Beach’s brand-new mega marketplace, KC Kosher, please allow me to give you a quick rundown on the various concessions, along with a few more that I had yet to mention. All the following are presently up and running, much more than enough to fulfill all our foodie fantasies:

Enormous display of kosher dairy goods, both chalav Yisrael and chalav STAM aisles and aisles of various kosher basics (I counted no less than 45 different types of crackers)!

A huge section of produce including precut fruits and veggies.

A complete presentation of baked goods from KC’s own off-site bakery, which will be introducing sugar-free items this week as well. All baked goods are yashan and pas Yisrael.

Fancy Plants, already stocked with ready-made salads to go and lots of gluten-free items, will be opening their make-your-own salad bar any day now.

Speaking of plants, Posh and Petal, just to the left of the cash registers as you walk in, displays lovely bouquets of fresh flowers all week with more detailed and elaborate arrangements on Thursdays, Fridays, and erev yom tov.

Shlomie’s famous chumus, babaganoush, and other delicious dips as well as tempting baked goods are in abundance. In addition, as summer draws near and you desire more of a refreshing dessert Shlomie can whip you up a bowl or cone of yummy soft serve or dairy or pareve sorbet.

Many other sections of the store were bypassed last week, certainly not because of a lack of interest but more so due to a lack of time and space.

So, here is the rest of KC Boynton both present and future:

Ike’s Bagels, featuring delicious New York style bagels and so much more. For breakfast he will happily accommodate any of the standard omelets or a creation of your own. For lunch you may choose from many different wraps, melts, even quesadillas or burritos.

Against the back wall of the market, besides the amazing array of fresh meats situated next to Hollywood’s fresh fish concession, there are three full display cases of ready-to-go entrees and side dishes from the famous KC Kitchens.

If mouth-watering meat dishes are your preference for lunch, you will certainly appreciate the New York-style deli sandwich bar to your right when you walk in. From Sunday through Thursday at noon enjoy pastrami on rye or a roast beef with chopped liver and Russian dressing, with a dill pickle on the side. On Thursday evenings and Fridays the deli will disappear as the concession morphs into a smorgasbord of Shabbos favorites such as cholent, carving stations, hot kugels, etc.

An olives, pickles, and halvah bar separates the produce from the bottles and bottles (800 skus at last count) of wine, both mevushal and not, inexpensive and not!

Well, that about covers it for now, unless this extensive list has given you a headache—in which case the pharmacy will be opening shortly!

Finally, acharon, acharon haviv, our own Boynton Beach Judaica store. Cohen’s Judaica in Boca will be setting up shop here too with a full line of gifts, kippot, silver items, Shabbat necessities, challah covers, etc. They will even have a limited selection of seforim and bentchers.

Stay tuned for next year’s season as, iy’H, our two new restaurants appear on either side of our wonderful new mega marketplace.

Come see for yourself! Yossi and company are inviting the entire community on Sunday, April 7 for a fun day with food, drinks, rides, and balloons. As if KC Market wasn’t enough of a gift in and of itself.


Cheri F. Rosen, of Lang Realty, has been a REALTOR® in South Florida since moving to Boca Raton over a decade ago. You can learn more about real estate in South Florida by calling Cheri at 561-221-2233 or visiting Cheri’s website: or just Google the words Orthodox Boca. Cheri’s website is the top search result. Submit your personal questions and concerns to Cheri, and they will be answered personally, or anonymously in future columns.


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