Ms. Tova Zucker, Ms. Joy Hammer, Mrs. Cyndy Goldberg, Mr. Joshua Gold, Mr. Yaron Kornblum, and Mr. Ari Solomon

HAFTR faculty and staff members (Grades N-8) reunited on Wednesday, August 29, to begin the 2018-2019 school year with a professional development course at the Sephardic Temple. Division principals Cyndy Goldberg, Joy Hammer, Tova Zucker, and Joshua Gold led the discussions.

Throughout the course, staff members were divided into small groups to discuss various methods and opportunities to enhance students’ educational experiences both in and out of the classroom.

“Engaging in relevant and practical learning opportunities as a whole staff is a tremendous way for our HAFTR school community to develop a shared language and shared understanding around our goals. This year’s focus is ‘Listening with Empathy and Understanding,’ based on the Habits of Mind research done by Arthur Kosta and Bena Kallick. We are so excited to continue to cultivate our professional learning community in the service of supporting student growth and teacher development,” explained Joshua Gold, HAFTR Middle School Principal.


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