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In case you are wondering whether it is right or wrong to decide who you will vote for in the presidential election based on the candidate’s position on Israel, it is our estimation that doing so is not only right, but imperative. And may actually save lives.

As you have seen, especially over the last few months since October 7, it is vitally important that the Jewish community—however you define it—speaks up for the total and unconditional support of Israel by the Biden administration.

But Joe Biden, who refers to himself as a Zionist and has a decades-long relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is disparaging Bibi to curry favor with the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party, most of whom are cheering on Hamas as the terror group continues to hold 130 hostages, including six Americans, in the hellhole beneath Gaza.

Today it seems, more than ever, as events unfold very quickly, that an unwavering support for the Jewish state is imperative. Especially when considering the shifting position of the Biden administration vis-à-vis Israel. Though the policy has not significantly altered since the start of the war, it remains fragile and highly contentious, wavering from day to day as the administration discusses delaying or slowing U.S. weapons sales to Israel and the president disparages Bibi to White House insiders.

As of today, the U.S. still maintains that Israel has the right to destroy Hamas and eliminate the terrorist scourge while at the same time calling for a ceasefire on the part of Israel that would deliver a decisive victory to Hamas.

And while the Biden administration should be doing everything possible to pressure the terrorist group to release the hostages, the fact is the captives barely registered a blip in Biden’s State of the Union address last week. Indeed, the fact that there are less potato chips in a bag today as a part of Biden’s “shrinkflation” drew more attention and outrage than the children who are being terrorized on a daily basis and whose release would trigger a quick and at least temporary ceasefire.

Instead of focusing on the cause of this crisis—the terrorist sponsors in Iran—Biden focuses on Netanyahu, who he believes he can manipulate and threaten by withholding weapons instead of threatening the true belligerents, namely the mullahs, who just look the other way despite U.S. protests.

This past weekend, Biden told reporters that an Israeli attack on Rafah with the aim of eliminating Hamas would be crossing a U.S. red line. In response, Netanyahu stated that the line was crossed by Hamas on October 7, and nothing would stop Israel from destroying them.

And then you hear this number bandied about of 30,000 Palestinian deaths, with half that number being children, a figure cited by Biden whose source is the Hamas or Gaza Ministry of Health. Even Joe Biden cannot be so naïve as to believe there is a “Gaza Health Ministry” and that the figures are most likely the product of the terrorists’ anti-Israel propaganda wing.

Israel has confirmed that 13,000 terrorists have been eliminated so far in Gaza, which is encouraging for the future of the region. Netanyahu added that the destruction of Hamas is quietly supported by several Arab countries who understand that eradicating Hamas would result in a serious setback for Iran and their other terrorist proxies.

In a sense, what we have here is Israel and the Arab world doing their utmost to destroy the terrorist threat while Joe Biden and the Arabists at the State Department do their best to preserve Hamas, most likely as a gesture to Iran.

Biden’s State of the Union address was an unmitigated fiasco. The one time he went off his carefully-prepared script was when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, Georgia Republican, challenged him to recognize the murder of Laken Riley of Georgia by an illegal alien. In response, the flustered president said that he knows about the case of Lincoln Riley [sic], a college football coach [sic], and he knows that she was murdered by “an illegal.”

Last weekend, Biden again made an off-the-cuff remark that yes, he said the word “illegal” because the migrant who killed Riley “should not have been here.” In other words, the alleged murderer was here illegally and Biden in his heart recognizes that he is responsible for the 22-year-old woman’s death.

Subsequently, Biden backtracked once again on his remarks by apologizing, saying that he regretted referring to the alleged murderer as an “illegal,” and should have demonstrated more respect to the murderer by referring to him as an undocumented migrant.

The nature of Biden’s comments and the special interest groups to which he ingratiates himself are shocking. There are about ten million illegal immigrants at loose in the U.S., with a percentage of them resorting to criminal activity. These illegals have upended our social services, institutions, and instilled fear in many of our major cities, and all Joe Biden is concerned about is the possibility of offending them with a dubious misnomer.

Not that the two issues are connected, but how can Joe Biden be taken seriously when he advises or—more accurately—warns Netanyahu not to order a military assault on Rafah in order to finish off Hamas?

Everyone wants the hostages returned, Hamas eliminated, and a swift end to the war. This idea that Israelis are committing “genocide,” and the constant repetition of exaggerated or made-up numbers of people who lost their lives makes a mockery of how this war started and the current objectives to bring peace to the region.

Israel’s stated goal for the invasion of Gaza is to prevent Hamas from ever committing another atrocity like that of October 7, which means they must be completely eliminated. And few would argue that destroying Hamas is not a necessity, just as the world agreed that eliminating the Nazis and ISIS was a moral imperative. However, there seems to be one standard for the world and a different standard for the Jews and Israel. The question is, why is this acceptable?

A related item making the rounds this week were the remarks by director Jonathan Glazer at the Academy Awards for winning an Oscar for his Auschwitz movie, “Zone of Interest.” Like the few others who won awards that night, Glazer felt compelled to make references to the ongoing military campaign by Israel against Hamas in the terror-dominated Gaza Strip.

Shockingly, Glazer compared the dehumanization of the Holocaust with the battle in Gaza, calling for “resistance” against the “occupation.” If an observer did not know better, he would think that Israel in an unprovoked fashion invaded Gaza the way Russia moved into Ukraine.

Glazer’s film, oddly enough, was about how normal everyday life was experienced by local Poles in the immediate vicinity of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Glazer, who is Jewish, probably knows how Jews have been victimized throughout history by numerous groups, from the P.L.O. to Hamas, the Nazis, and all the various Arab terrorist factions.

And therein I suspect is the problem, and why Glazer felt he had to stand up there on the stage as a Jew and fault the Jews for the violence in Gaza. The Jerusalem Post said that Glazer hijacked the Holocaust in his anti-Israel Oscar speech.

Glazer is, in all likelihood, uncomfortable with the idea of Jews fighting back against their oppressors and defending ourselves. To Jonathan Glazer, the director of a film about Jews being murdered in Auschwitz while Poles and Germans lived normal lives on the outside, the Jewish place in history is to be the eternal victim of death and destruction, not valiant warriors defending freedom.

Obviously, I don’t know anything about Jonathan Glazer other than what I’ve read in the news, but based on my observations and hearing his remarks, it seems that he and people like him are at peace with Jews as victims, as we were during the Holocaust and on October 7.

And it might be that the Jewish people who surround President Biden, such as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, as well as others, might feel similarly, which means, Jews who are comfortable with the idea of Jews being attacked and terrorized by Hamas and Hezbollah, but uncomfortable with the idea of Jews defending their lives and possibly winning.


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