It’s a mitzvah on Purim to send mishloach manot, but making and sending to all of your family and friends can be expensive and time-consuming. Fear not! Ohel’s Day Habilitation program has you covered for Purim this year.

The individuals from Ohel Bais Ezra’s Day Habilitation Program will be packaging and selling mishloach manot this year. The theme of their mishloach manot is coffee, and there will be two packages to choose from. Each individual package will be put together with care and love by a developmentally disabled adult, with help from members of the community.

By buying mishloach manot from Ohel, you are not only giving mishloach manot, but doing so much more! This unique mishloach manot provides jobs and skill training, and instills Ohel individuals with dignity and a sense of accomplishment. Adele, who participates in the yearly program, said, “I enjoy putting the mishloach manos together for other people,” and Avigayil said, “I like that we can help out and still get paid!”

Helping an individual with disabilities to be employed and to learn skills is priceless. To learn more, visit v



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