By Larry Gordon

The realization that businesses, whether longstanding or startup, or even a nonprofit organization whose objective is to aid and assist others in difficult times, can sometimes need an uncomplicated economic boost is being addressed.

One thing all these entities have in common is that they can experience a cash crunch and sometimes there is just nowhere to turn for an expeditious solution.

Cal Nathan, president of the more than 85-year-old Five Towns Community Chest, is stepping up in cooperation with the more than 120-year-old Hebrew Free Loan Society to make a difference in the lives of businesses. There’s nothing like being able to depend on old friends.

When I spoke to Cal earlier this week I had to ask him several times about the setup and the plan because, frankly, it sounded too simple to me and I had to make sure that I understood and was getting it right here in print.

So this is the deal. The two organizations have teamed up and are focusing exclusively on the Five Towns communities, with a $1 million interest-free, fee-free loan program. The program is the brainchild of Community Chest board member Michele Schorenstein with vital input by the organization’s treasurer, Steve Liebman.

According to Cal, each entity is eligible to receive a loan of up to $50,000. Of course, candidates need to be credit worthy, and if credit history is somewhat questionable a guarantor for the loan might be required.

The loans are interest-free and can be paid back over four years. I don’t have to do the math for you but that kind of payback is certainly manageable in most circumstances.

Over the years you might have seen ads and stories here about both the Community Chest and Hebrew Loan Society. The Loan Society has been offering loans up to $5,000 to people for decades. According to Cal Nathan they are one of the most outstanding organizations, flying beneath the radar, with just one simple agenda: providing aid to people and families when it is needed most. Community Chest works closely with a number of Five Towns organizations and is particularly proud of their Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, which allocates $1,000 grants to people in need.

Cal makes it clear that there are no hidden fees or other assessments—“all that is required is an application and a quick credit check and they will be in touch to move the approval along.” Stop and think for a moment—can your business or organization use that kind of immediate infusion of cash? The program is a game changer for many and is exactly as explained, no small print or hidden conditions.

Cal Nathan reiterates to me that the loans are being made available only to those in the Five Towns, but that to date he has received most applications from out of the area.

So if you are a Five Towns business owner or a not-for-profit who needs a boost, this is your unique opportunity. It is about people helping people at a level that includes more than just paperwork. It’s about sensitivity and a depth of understanding about what it means to be in a situation where most things are going well except that you can use a loan that won’t drain you going forward.

The match of Community Chest and Hebrew Free Loan Society will change lives during a particularly unsettled and unpredictable time. It’s good to know that there are friends out there like Cal, his board members, and the folks at Hebrew Free Loan Society.

It’s a simple application that needs to be made to people who have your best interest at heart. For an application please visit 

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