SKA Celebrates Israel And Chaverut

From Darkness To Light: Yom Hazikaron And Yom HaAtzmaut At SKA “This week’s calendar includes Yom Hazikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, two important days which reflect G-d’s love for our people,...

Quicken Loans and the Issue of Ribis

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Agudas Yisroel recently published a Psak Din signed by leading Gedolim about the prohibition in borrowing money from Quicken Loans without a Heter Iskah. Among those...

Madraigos 2023 Barbecue

As the 2022-23 Madraigos Guys Lounge season came to an end, weekly participants enjoyed a BBQ and Pool Party at the home of a dedicated Madraigos friend. The evening...

‘The Empty Wagon’: A Review Of R’ Yaakov Shapiro’s Attack on Zionism

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro’s "The Empty Wagon" is one of the most controversial books to hit the Orthodox world in decades. Its 1,373 pages deal with the...

Brown V. Lobl

By Larry Gordon Early voting is under way at your usual polling places in the assembly district that will decide this race. As mentioned previously, it turns out that two...

With Israel Still Reeling From Oct. 7, Jewish Educational Group Steps Up Its Support...

By Larry Luxner Ilan Abecassis of Sderot is still reeling from the events of Oct. 7. That morning, he watched from the window of his home as terrorists in pickup trucks...

Aaron Fischman Convicted

By Larry Gordon Aaron Fischman, of Cardis infamy, pleaded guilty last week to a felony charge of intentionally stealing his investors’ money. Fischman of Woodmere pleaded guilty to a class...

KolSave Market Comes To The Five Towns

In a development much anticipated by residents of the Five Towns and surrounding neighborhoods, KolSave Market, a new price- and value-centered kosher superstore, officially opened for business on Monday...

Anthony D’Esposito Visits The Southern Border In Texas

As the United States continues to grapple with the ongoing southern border security crisis, Hempstead Town Councilman and candidate for Congress, Anthony D’Esposito, visited the El Paso region of...

Finally, Accepted To College

Makor Disability Services is committed to the philosophy that everyone—regardless of their level of ability—deserves to be met with understanding, support, and respect. Its myriad services include residential homes,...
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Figuring Your Main Objectives

Priorities seem to change regularly every few years regarding the key list of features buyers are looking for in homes. Of course, there are always...

Insights Into Evil

By Rabbi Norman Lamm, zt’l February 1964—The episode of the Egel haZahav, the golden calf, was probably the most traumatic experience in the life of...

Parashat Ki Tisa: Join Me!

Educated in Frankfurt-am-Main and the great Lithuanian yeshivahs, Rav Shimon Schwab was a talmid chacham and traditionalist interpreter of the path of Torah im...


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