A Wedding To Remember

Through all the chaos, last Tuesday evening, November 6, Shira Herman of Harborview, daughter of Tommy and Debbie Herman, was married to Sendy Yaffe, son of Rabbi Mordechai and...

Mindbiz: I Am Embarrassed of My Daughter and Feel Terrible

  Dear Esther, My daughter Caren has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. Even as a little girl, she had to be different. If all the girls in...

Dating Forum: Are My Dates Looking for a Free Meal Ticket?

  Question I need to know if I am doing something wrong. My parents raised me that when I take a woman out on a date, I should treat her like...

Rabbi: Judaism Does Not Forbid Same-Sex Couples From Building a Family

(Israel Hayom) A religious-Zionist rabbi has decided to tackle a hot-button issue: Couples from the LGBTQ+ community raising families. On Saturday night, Rabbi Benny Lau, formerly of the Ramban Synagogue in...


By Esther Mann Dear Esther, I have been meaning to write to you for a long time and finally got the courage. I live in Queens in a nice home. B’H, I...

Princess Diana’s Niece Converting to Judaism to Marry

(JTA) — The niece of the late Princess Diana is converting to Judaism to marry a Jewish fashion tycoon. Kitty Spencer,  a 29-year-old model, is engaged to Michael Lewis, 61,...

Singles Invited to Pre-Purim Blast Sunday Night

Baila Sebrow, shadchan and 5TJT columnist, is proud to present a Pre-Purim Blast and Game Night on Sunday, March 10, for frum singles ages 30-45, beginning at 6 p.m. The...

Advice From YidParenting

Listening To Music, Part 1 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. Over the past few months, you have helped so many parents with all types of problems. We decided to add a fun...

Ohel Launches ‘Devoted Dads’ Support Group

The problem of divorce in the Jewish world has gained much attention in recent years. With divorce rates climbing in the Jewish community, there is a good chance you...

Advice From YidParenting

Spanking Children By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. My husband and I were wondering if you could shed some light on an issue we’ve been discussing. My husband’s parents believed in slapping...
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But Why Two?

  This was a rough week for IDF families after a dozen young men were killed in the fighting with the terrorists in Rafah in...

Waiting For Your Light

By Sivan Rahav Meir This week’s parashah begins with the lighting of the Menorah in the Mishkan, “Speak to Aaron and say to him: ‘When...

A Terrible Week

I have not written since the first few weeks of the war. I’ve felt a little frozen in time. I remember seeing someone post...


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