Back To School With Acupuncture

As summer winds down and the back-to-school season approaches, students and parents alike are gearing up for the excitement and challenges that a new academic year brings. For many...

Renewal 1000

By Shmuel Spirgel On August 21, 4 Menachem Av, Renewal celebrated the 1000th kidney transplant since its founding in 2006. It is an incredible accomplishment to celebrate. Aside from celebrating...

Staying Hydrated

Dear Ahuva, I really don’t like drinking water. A lot of people tell me that they find it easier to drink water in the summer because it is hotter outside,...

Summer Resolutions

When we hear the word “resolutions,” we typically think of New Year’s resolutions, the promises we make ourselves about what changes we plan on making for the new year....

Eight Tips For Better Hearing On The Go

Hearing devices help you communicate your best no matter where you are, so it’s especially important to lean into them when traveling. Make those unforgettable on-the-go moments even more...

Protect Your Ears This Summer

 5 Things To Know About Swimmers’ Earplugs Hitting the Water? Don’t Forget These Little Gems for Ear Protection! You’ve packed the swimsuits, floats, safety vests, caps, goggles, kids, and snacks for...

What We See Is NOT What We Get

When you sign up at a brand-new gym, they always offer a training session with one of their trainers. Most of the time they choose for you, but sometimes...

Shameful Behavior

I heard a horrible story this week from an incredible client of mine. She sat me down in the middle of her intense workout, as she stopped for a...

The Weakest Link

Nearly all individuals have a “weakest link” in their body. It is a symptom or pain syndrome that acts up from time to time, much like a flare up....

The Grass Is NOT Greener

I’ve been having conversations with my clients about how they view themselves in comparison to the world. As much as I try to get them to appreciate who they...
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Sukkot: A Step Toward Unity in Israel

The four minim of Sukkot are fundamentally different from the typical items used for the performance of a mitzvah. Objects that are generally employed...

Mehadrin Is Relative

I feel like as much as men grumble about having to build a sukkah, we do enjoy the part where we get to figure...

Mindfulness In The Minim

Dear Dr. Haimoff, I need help slowing down. People always tell me that I’m moving a mile-a-minute and I can never feel settled and calm....


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