Bits And Pieces

New patients often arrive with a primary chief complaint. In the following scenarios, there is one main health concern with which they are troubled. It can be something physical...

Ozempic And Wegovy: What You Need To Know

Touro Pharmacy Experts Answer Most Commonly-Asked Questions By Anastasiya Shor and Henry Cohen It seems everyone is taking Ozempic or Wegovy as a quick way to take off those pesky extra...

Tap Into Spring Joy—Without The Harmful Noise

As winter recedes and the bustling sounds of a new season take center stage, are your ears protected? From ball games, concerts, and hunting trips to hiking, gardening, and...

Inflammation: What Is It And How Can Acupuncture Help?

The word inflammation is thrown around very often today. We constantly hear the word inflammation from medical doctors and in medical broadcasts. However, many people do not have their...

Pros And Cons Of A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) is one option a person may consider to protect their assets from Medicaid and nursing homes or long-term care. A MAPT is an irrevocable...


While I was recently hosting my granddaughters and their friends, I explored what they are interested in as teens. We talked about the kind of reading material available to...

Taking Better Hearing To Heart

February is National Heart Month, an opportune time to underscore the interconnectedness of cardiovascular health and hearing. While heart health is typically associated with activities like exercising and maintaining...

Vacation Thoughts

I just boarded a plane heading back to New York after an incredible vacation in Cancún. When I was younger, I never paid much attention to the weather. It...

Fat Phobic

Rachel* was a good kid from a great family. She kept up her exceptional grades, was on the debate team, mock trial, and was captain of the volleyball team....

Shedding Light On The Diabetes-Hearing Loss Connection

Diabetes is a widespread condition that touches the lives of many. The global impact of diabetes is staggering, with approximately 422 million people affected worldwide, according to the World...
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On Being Here

These past few days in Israel have been exhilarating, thought-provoking, and full of unforgettable moments and unforgettable people, both Americans and Sabras. Our tour,...

A Divided Taxi

His name is Eitan and he’s been driving a taxi here in Israel for more than forty years. He drove us to Jerusalem last...

The One

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Magence You know those couples that can finish each others’ sentences, due to hearing the same story roughly 20,000 times? It...


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