Weighing In On AAP’s New Obesity Guidelines

Many of you have seen the new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommending bariatric surgery and weight loss medications for adolescents and “lifestyle interventions” for toddlers....

Post Conflict

To post or not to post? That is my question. I was talking to a really great friend of mine, who is my inspiration and motivation in the gym world,...

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation using Micro Needling is an incredible tool towards aging backwards. As an acupuncturist, certified makeup artist, and esthetician, I have spent years learning, practicing, and perfecting various...

Take Better Hearing To Heart

February is National Heart Month, and that means focusing on ears too. Cardiovascular disease and hearing loss are linked, making it important to prioritize both ears and the heart...

Beilinson Hospital Hosts Israel’s First Conference On AI’s Impact On Healthcare

Beilinson Hospital, one of Israel’s largest medical centers, hosted the Medical AI Roadmap Conference this week, bringing together Israel’s leading doctors, academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs to discuss the impact...

The Trainer

After last week’s “trust your trainer” article, hopefully this week you took a deep breath and let your trainer take control of the content and format of your workout....

Touro Researcher Develops New Approach To Recovery After A Suicide Crisis

Suicide and suicide attempts are rising in the U.S. Last year, according to the CDC, approximately 12.2 million adults considered suicide seriously. 3.2 million planned a suicide attempt, and...

Trust Your Trainer

We all ask the same thing: How can I see results the fastest? What is the recipe for the perfect body? As I said over and over again, the...

ADI’s Second Annual ‘Race For Inclusion’ Draws Hundreds, Raises Thousands

On Thursday morning, December 29, the weather was beautiful, the smiles were plentiful, and the inspiration was off the charts, as ADI, Israel’s network of specialized rehabilitative care for...

Curious About What Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Mean for You?

The option to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids was recently approved by the FDA in an effort to improve access for adults with mild to moderate perceived hearing loss....
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Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Playing the Long Game

If one is seeking instant gratification, being a shliach of the Rebbe, zt’l, is not the right gig, and with that “need” it would...

NORPAC’s Answer To Rising Anti-Semitism: Don’t Complain, Campaign

By Michele Justic You may have seen the viral video on your local WhatsApp Chat: Congressman Ritchie Torres presents a logical, well-informed, eloquent defense of...

A Less-Urgent Emergency

I received a message more than a week ago about a time-sensitive issue. The message was accompanied by a photo of a group of...


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