During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, a wonderful online program featured talks on promoting Ahavas Yisrael. My own talk was “Benevolent Gaze: The Dynamics of Positive Social Perception.” Our...

New Unique Dental Technology Only Available At M&M Dental Office

Here it is in a nutshell: Prior to this amazing new technology, only two options existed for tooth replacement procedures—either dentures or implants. Everyone knows how uncomfortable dentures are,...

Age Is Just A Number

Age is just a number. A number that signifies how long you have lived on this earth. It doesn’t define who you are, what you achieved, or what you...

Mrs. Harriet Keilson, ×¢×´×”

By Rabbi Dovid Fleischmann This past Shabbos, Far Rockaway and the Five Towns lost a pillar of the community, a pioneer and promoter of the development of its rich Jewish...

The Midwife’s Midwife

By Judy Ribner, DNP-C, CNM I was turning heads. Here I am in the center of the ultra-Orthodox, Satmar Chassidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, jumping out of a bright red jeep...

Cannabis Edibles Should Not Have Kosher Certification: It is a Health and Safety Issue

By Eric Bornstein BS, DMD In the last 18 months, I have given several seminars on behalf of MASK (Mothers & Fathers Aligned Saving Kids) to New York yeshivas, Jewish...

Ozempic And Wegovy: What You Need To Know

Touro Pharmacy Experts Answer Most Commonly-Asked Questions By Anastasiya Shor and Henry Cohen It seems everyone is taking Ozempic or Wegovy as a quick way to take off those pesky extra...

Why We Do What We Do…

By Lianne Forman Let’s consider marijuana. Maybe you know what it is and maybe you have even tried it (or currently use it, as it is legal for recreational use...

Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal Medicine Delivers Expert Care in a Private Setting

For pregnant women who are at risk for complications or have had previous adverse pregnancy outcomes, their obstetrician may refer them to a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist. An MFM...

Imma Dearest: Is Cancer a Dirty Word?

A few years ago, I began the Imma Dearest blog to address tough issues such as stepping on Legos and buying too much at Target. Then life put me...
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Jerusalem: The Real City Of Brotherly Love

The pasuk in Tehillim states, “The rebuilt Jerusalem, like a city that attaches you to it together.” Officially Philadelphia carries the nickname “The City...

Does Joe Have To Go?

Of course, Joe Biden has to go, but it would be best if we had a little more patience and ousted him fairly and...

Inside Montana

` It’s true what Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk says about what is happening out here in Big Sky country of Montana. For starters, there are...


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