Water, Water … Anywhere?

Many articles over the last year discussed the changes to the previously abundant waterways all over the United States as well as the rest of the world due to...

Summer In South Florida

Market Report By Cheri F Rosen As my month of packing, moving, and unpacking finally ends and I return to concentrating on my client’s moves rather than my own, all my...

Limiting The Building Construction Index

By Gedaliah Borvick When buying a property in Israel and determining your budget, there will be additional costs above the purchase price such as the acquisition tax, legal and brokerage...

Squatters’ Rights

Something very bizarre has happened over the last many years without most people’s knowledge. Somehow, squatters and the homeless have attained preferential rights over homeowners and law-biding citizens. If you...

Can Shalom Task Force Hotline Help Me? FAQ’s

Shira, a 32-year-old speech therapist and devoted mother of three, found herself struggling to balance her various roles. Amid the demands of work and motherhood, she faced the challenges...

More Reasons (As If You Needed Them) To Move To Florida

Vouchers, And School Choice By Cheri F Rosen The ideas of school choice and tax credits or school vouchers have become hot button issues in recent years, and as of this...

Uncover The Latest Developments In Israeli Real Estate At Upcoming Tri-State Conference

Diaspora Jews come to visit Eretz Yisrael again and again and again, and while they’re here, many find themselves thinking…. What would it be like … To live here? To own a...

Permitted Projects

Many homes in the Five Towns are constantly being renovated, repaired, upgraded, etc. Most of us put a lot of time and effort in thinking through each and every project...

Spotlight on Modi’in’s Moreshet Neighborhood with Single-Family and Two-Family Homes, Penthouses, and Huge Garden...

Tivuch Shelly has been involved in growing the Anglo community in Modi’in since its Buchman neighborhood inception. We have “The Project” of Modi’in in the Moreshet neighborhood! We have...

Year-End Q&As, Part V

By Cheri F. Rosen The Question I Am Never Asked For the last several weeks I’ve been addressing the most frequent questions I have received this past year from 5TJT readers...
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Sukkot: A Step Toward Unity in Israel

The four minim of Sukkot are fundamentally different from the typical items used for the performance of a mitzvah. Objects that are generally employed...

Mehadrin Is Relative

I feel like as much as men grumble about having to build a sukkah, we do enjoy the part where we get to figure...

Mindfulness In The Minim

Dear Dr. Haimoff, I need help slowing down. People always tell me that I’m moving a mile-a-minute and I can never feel settled and calm....


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