Monthly Market Report: Forecasts Vs. Facts

By Cheri F. Rosen As the first month of 2023 concludes, do we see the market correction that many predicted? It depends on which market you are referring to. If...

Coming To Terms With Drought

We have a tendency to forget that while we are always on the lookout for situations where we might have to watch out for flooding or an overabundance of...

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors … Not Too Good!

By Cheri F Rosen In Boca Raton, a protest against anti-Semitism was attended by a large crowd last Thursday in front of the gated community of Avalon on West Palmetto...

A New Star In Jerusalem’s Crown

Tivuch Shelly has been privileged to be heavily engaged in building up the city of Jerusalem and Arnona for the past 35+ years and is continuing to develop Arnona...

Wish List For 2023

Here we are, just two weeks after New Year’s Eve; 450 tons of confetti were cleared out of Times Square after an amazing show of human activity—the last count...

Buy A House In Mercaz Shapira And Enjoy Suburban Living In Israel

Move to your home in Israel or rent it out this summer A new Anglo group is forming in a fabulous state-of-the-art housing project in Mercaz Shapira. This spectacular housing...

Understanding Dor Yeshorim’s Hearing Loss Panel

Why is Dor Yeshorim focusing on hearing loss? We have seen a steady and concerning increase of families suffering from unexplained hearing loss. As the number of families across all...

The Market In 2023

By Cheri F Rosen As I stated in last week’s column, the 2022 housing market has been defined by two key economic forces: inflation and rapidly rising mortgage rates. In...

All In The Details

Generally, there’s a basic set of steps to follow when selling or purchasing a home. Step one is to negotiate a sales price that both the buyer and seller...

Nothing To Sneeze At

Allergies may not be the first point typically considered when the subject of real estate comes up, but for buyers who suffer from serious allergies to a variety of...
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Netanyahu Expected to Freeze Judicial Reforms Amid Mass Civil Disobedience

(March 27, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to freeze his government’s judicial reform program on Monday. He is set to deliver a speech...

True Character

Each one of Masechet Avot’s perakim begins with a central teaching. The fourth perek opens with Ben Zoma’s definition of four characters: the...

Heard In The Matzah Factory No More: A 5TJT Fan Relates

By Chaim Yehuda Meyer I read with great interest Larry Gordon’s article, “The History of Cake” (March 17, 2023). Mr. Gordon reminiscences about the Passover...


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