2022 South Florida Real Estate In Review

By Cheri F. Rosen After decades of rapid population increase, Florida now is the nation’s fastest-growing state for the first time since 1957, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s vintage...

Dream Maker: Sharon Beck—Miami’s Premier Concierge Realtor

Beautiful, beachy Florida is known as “The Sunshine State”—and with good reason. Winter over there might be a figment of the imagination. And while it’s a favorite vacation hot...

If I Could Change The Jerusalem Real Estate Market In Three Ways

As I sit here on erev Chanukah, I decided to write an article looking at how the market could be even brighter than it is today. The Jerusalem market is...

BRS And The Circle, Part 2

Living on the Circle By Cheri F Rosen As written in Part 1 of this article last week, “The Circle,” as it is known among the Orthodox community of Boca Raton,...

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold!

By Anessa Cohen As the temperatures hovered in the 60°F range throughout November and into the first week of December, we all got comfortable with the idea of having a...

BRS And The Circle, Part 1

By Cheri F Rosen “The Circle,” as it is known among the Orthodox community of Boca Raton, refers to the residential developments connected by a roadway named Montoya Circle from...

To Buy Or Sell: That Is The Question

By Cheri F Rosen It’s easy for non-real-estate people to listen to nightly news stories and think, “Oh no! The market’s crashing!” But, as I have been writing in each...

Ads Ad Nauseam

This time of year, I find a blizzard of ads on my doorstep and in my door, plastered all over the newspapers, and blasting from the television; I’m surprised...

What A Day

We’re already feeling the winter chill, so I’d like to share a story from warmer days, when we were in Israel for the chagim. Yom Kippur in Jerusalem is always...

Live The Lux Life In Coastal Netanya, Israel

Presenting an Exciting New Project in Ir Yamim, Netanya With much success in the past few months selling beach properties in Netanya, we are currently representing several residential developments ranging...
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Netanyahu Expected to Freeze Judicial Reforms Amid Mass Civil Disobedience

(March 27, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to freeze his government’s judicial reform program on Monday. He is set to deliver a speech...

True Character

Each one of Masechet Avot’s perakim begins with a central teaching. The fourth perek opens with Ben Zoma’s definition of four characters: the...

Heard In The Matzah Factory No More: A 5TJT Fan Relates

By Chaim Yehuda Meyer I read with great interest Larry Gordon’s article, “The History of Cake” (March 17, 2023). Mr. Gordon reminiscences about the Passover...


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