Dos And Don’ts Of Doughnuts On A Diet

Dear Ahuva, Chanukah is here and I have many parties to attend. I know how to handle myself at parties because I have been on the plan for some time....

Dream Maker: Sharon Beck—Miami’s Premier Concierge Realtor

Beautiful, beachy Florida is known as “The Sunshine State”—and with good reason. Winter over there might be a figment of the imagination. And while it’s a favorite vacation hot...

If I Could Change The Jerusalem Real Estate Market In Three Ways

As I sit here on erev Chanukah, I decided to write an article looking at how the market could be even brighter than it is today. The Jerusalem market is...

BRS And The Circle, Part 2

Living on the Circle By Cheri F Rosen As written in Part 1 of this article last week, “The Circle,” as it is known among the Orthodox community of Boca Raton,...

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold!

By Anessa Cohen As the temperatures hovered in the 60°F range throughout November and into the first week of December, we all got comfortable with the idea of having a...

Go For The Goal

By Shana Katz Setting goals for workouts can be more tedious than you think. If we make our goals too wide or too hard, reaching them can be way too...

Four Secrets For Making Great Homemade Latkes For Chanukah

Learn from my mistakes — like that time my potatoes turned gray By Beth HarpazDecember 1, 2022 This story was originally published in the Forward. Click here to get the Forward's...

Gifted Wines

By Gabriel Geller Let’s first address the title of this writeup. If anyone is gifted, it’s the winemakers who make the delicious wines. With that said, these are wines that...

BRS And The Circle, Part 1

By Cheri F Rosen “The Circle,” as it is known among the Orthodox community of Boca Raton, refers to the residential developments connected by a roadway named Montoya Circle from...

Men Vs. Women

There has always been an obvious separation at the gym between men and women. Even in my Lucille Roberts days, the women were jogging on the elliptical with their...
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Addressing V’Lo Yilbash

Sometimes, a general prohibition is well-known, but the details of the prohibition are foreign even to seasoned talmidei chachamim. Although the prohibition of v’lo...

Terror In Jerusalem: Seven Dead in Shooting in Synagogue in Neve Yaakov

Elad Benari, Canada At least seven people were killed and several others were injured, including one critically, in a shooting attack on a synagogue in...

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets Into Israel, Prompting IDF Retaliatory Strikes Against Hamas

(January 27, 2023 / JNS) Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities overnight Thursday, prompting retaliatory strikes by the IDF...


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