Think You Can’t Afford a Passover Program

Are Passover Programs overpriced?  The price of everything increased over the past few years, from eggs, to gas, to mortgage rates. It would only make sense for the cost...

Passover Programs: A Foodies Dream

Kosher for Passover food is superior. Have you ever heard someone say that? Probably not.  If you disagree with this bold statement, you’ve probably never been to a Passover...

Passover Listings

You’ve got your heart set on a glorious Passover Program in the Bahamas, Florida or Mexico this year. You’ve been dreaming for months about the glistening beach and the...

New Suspension Bridge Makes Jerusalem Holy Sites Accessible

(July 30, 2023 / JNS) Jerusalem is due to unveil Israel’s longest suspension bridge on Sunday night, connecting Mount Zion with the Hinnom Valley to the south. The bridge...

Israel Announces $27B. High-Speed Rail Project

(July 30, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced a mammoth 100 billion shekel ($27 billion) plan to link the north and south of the...

Reaching For The Stars From The Lowest Place On Earth

By Toby Klein Greenwald “Stars”—metaphorically, of course. One could see no stars out on the day I took a trip on a little boat in the Dead Sea. I recently...

Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants

Everyone loves taking vacations and going on trips to exciting locales. We plan our itineraries, arrange for accommodations and a car or driver, and perhaps book a tour guide. The...

Visiting Baruch Marzel In Hebron

  By Dr. Alex Sternberg If you think that Itamar Ben Gvir has radical ideas, wait until you meet his teacher, Baruch Marzel. Marzel is a direct student of Rabbi Meir...

New Video Series Discovers Hidden Lessons For Our Future From Israel’s Archaeological Past

Does the blueprint from our future lie in secrets from Israel’s past? Viewers are invited to join Ohr Torah Stone President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander in his...

Tivuch Shelly Real Estate in Israel—We Cover The Coast

Combine the emotional and spiritual satisfaction of having a home in Israel together with two of the most pleasurable beachfront sites in all the country: Netanya and Ashkelon. Both...
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But Why Two?

  This was a rough week for IDF families after a dozen young men were killed in the fighting with the terrorists in Rafah in...

Waiting For Your Light

By Sivan Rahav Meir This week’s parashah begins with the lighting of the Menorah in the Mishkan, “Speak to Aaron and say to him: ‘When...

A Terrible Week

I have not written since the first few weeks of the war. I’ve felt a little frozen in time. I remember seeing someone post...


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