The Real Story Of This War

By Hillel Fuld Trigger warning! This is a very unpopular opinion that will surely anger a lot of people. One of the things that has bothered me most about this war...

A Veteran’s Perspective On The War In Gaza

By Itzhak Brook MD I was a battalion physician in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War. Those who fought and survived the 1973 Yom Kippur War hoped that the bitter...

Unwilling To Be Offended

The floodgates of rage, hatred, and revulsion against Jews have swept the streets and campuses of America; Muslim pro-Palestinian demonstrators and their supporters seem invincible and immune from being...

A New Word To Trick Israel 

By Moshe Phillips Nineteen Democratic U.S. senators have called on President Biden to “recognize a nonmilitarized Palestinian state.” Until now, congressional supporters of Palestinian statehood have always used the term...

Trump Firmly In Israel’s Corner

By Joseph Frager, MD Former President Trump’s national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said it best when she told NBC News that the eventual GOP nominee “did more for Israel than...

The Egyptian Elephant In The Room

Israel is rapidly approaching the final stages of the war against the Iranian-backed terror organization Hamas as the IDF approaches the town of Rafah located adjacent to the Egyptian...

Israel’s Ultimate Scapegoat

How has the transformation of Benjamin Netanyahu into Israel’s national scapegoat become so pervasive, so without question, that it might even seem true to everyone in Israel and many...

MIT Hotbed Of Hate

By Joseph Frager, MD MIT has changed a lot since the days when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended and received degrees in architecture, business, and nearly a third in political...

Harvard And Hamas: The bigotry of low expectations

In today’s toxic public discourse, one cannot speak about antisemitism without antisemites invoking the war against Hamas to falsely accuse Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. Unfortunately, Harvard...

#FreePalestine Protests Mean Less Free NYC

By Michele Justic As the news of the Hamas atrocities of October 7 made its way to the New York Jewish community, many assumed that the whole world would recognize...
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Jerusalem: The Real City Of Brotherly Love

The pasuk in Tehillim states, “The rebuilt Jerusalem, like a city that attaches you to it together.” Officially Philadelphia carries the nickname “The City...

Does Joe Have To Go?

Of course, Joe Biden has to go, but it would be best if we had a little more patience and ousted him fairly and...

Inside Montana

` It’s true what Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk says about what is happening out here in Big Sky country of Montana. For starters, there are...


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