Does The Deportation of Sinwar Present A Practical Solution?

By Hagay Ringel The great fallacy of our day and age is releasing terrorists under false pretenses of peace. There has been much talk lately about the potential offer to...

Humanitarian Aid Is An Inhumane Absurdity

By Hagay Ringel Let’s ask ourselves some historical questions: Did the USSR provide fuel tanks to the Nazi Wehrmacht army during the attack of Berlin? Did the U.S. offer humanitarian...

Wannsee Visits Congress

Academic Excellence Doesn’t Equal Morality By Daniel Friedman There they were sitting in the halls of government. Brilliant minds, representing the intellectual elite of the country. And yet, they couldn’t distinguish...

Left-Wing Jewish Magazine Rewrites History

By Moshe Phillips   An extremist historian claimed in a recent webinar that Israel practices mass rape of Palestinian Arabs. But when the radical leftwing magazine that sponsored the event later...

They Don’t Let The Facts Confuse Them

By Hagay Ringel A close examination of the recent protests in support of Hamas/Palestine and opposing Israel shows a chilling coincidence. The majority of participants, largely in their twenties, identify...

The Future Of Gaza: Exploring Alternative Models

By Hagay Ringel The war between Israel and Hamas raises crucial questions about the strategic goals of Israel and, more importantly, what Gaza will look like in the aftermath of...

The Alarming Rise Of Hamas In America

By Joseph Frager, MD Elie Wiesel said it best. “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” The silence from university presidents at Harvard,...

The Day The Music Died For Progressive Jewry

October 7, 2023 will be remembered, not only as a symbol of a modern-day manifestation of the Nazi-inspired murderous hatred of Jews, but also the day the music died...

They Once Protested Genocide, Now They Accuse Israel Of Genocide

by Rafael Medoff A prominent liberal journal that spoke out against the Nazi genocide has published an article accusing Israel of genocide, justifying the Hamas pogrom, and denying the Jewish...

Yom Kippur Déjà Vu

By Shalom Pollack During the Simchat Torah service at the hesder yeshiva in Hispin (on the Golan Heights) yesterday I experienced something very similar fifty years ago. Call it déjà...
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The pasuk in Tehillim states, “The rebuilt Jerusalem, like a city that attaches you to it together.” Officially Philadelphia carries the nickname “The City...

Does Joe Have To Go?

Of course, Joe Biden has to go, but it would be best if we had a little more patience and ousted him fairly and...

Inside Montana

` It’s true what Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk says about what is happening out here in Big Sky country of Montana. For starters, there are...


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