Orthodox Leaders Support COVID-19 Vaccine. Will People Listen?

(JTA) — At the beginning of his weekly video Torah lesson, Rabbi Asher Weiss let his viewers know he was about to broach a contentious topic. “I know that not...

Israel Shuts Skies to All Non-Nationals

BY GABE FRIEDMAN (JTA) — A spike in coronavirus cases coupled with the threat of a new strain of the virus discovered in England has led Israel to shut itself off,...

Pikuach Nefesh Alert: What to Do If You Test Positive and Are High Risk

    By Rabbi Yair Hoffman This article is one of pikuach nefesh. Please take it very seriously and forward the content to anyone who is COVID positive and has a risk...

Dr. Sicklick: Making Sense of Vaccines

  What is the mechanism of action of the COVID vaccines? For how long will they protect? When will we be able to receive the vaccine? What took so long? These...

First Shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on hand at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Wednesday to welcome the arrival of a plane bearing the first shipment of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s...

Dating Forum: Suitor and Mom Not Seeing Eye to Eye on Coronavirus

  Question I’m going out with a girl whose mother says that I’m selfish. Here’s the thing: I’m the most generous guy in the world. This all started because her mother...

Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Gathering Limits in NYS

The U.S. Supreme Court issued an injunction late Wednesday night, blocking Governor Andrew Cuomo from enforcing 10- and 25-person occupancy limits on religious institutions. The state had told the court...

A Rabbi’s Advice for Another Holiday During a Pandemic

(JTA) — While my wife and I were sitting outside during Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival in the fall, we spent some time reflecting on the fact that we celebrated...

Hasidic Jews Continue to Hold Large Weddings Despite COVID Rules

(JTA) — This week, the New York Post reported about a Satmar wedding — of one of Kiryas Joel Satmar leader Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum's grandsons — that was organized and...

Dr. Sicklick’s COVID Update for Lawrence and 5T

November 23, 2020 If you watch or read the news, you're being bombarded with conflicting messages on a continuous basis. Hang in there, the vaccines are coming. Watch out, the...
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