“A Small Light” Provides Great Depth On Holocaust Heroes

By Michele Justic Waking up late after a night on the town, cracking jokes with friends, desperately trying out for a job she’s unqualified for, flirting with guys, complaining about...

Russia’s Westernmost Synagogue Rebuilt 80 Years After Kristallnacht

KALININGRAD, Russia (JTA) — Walking to school and back, Michael Wieck twice a day would pass by one of Europe’s largest and most spectacular Jewish places of worship: Koenigsberg’s...

Former Lawrence Mayor Martin Oliner Named to Holocaust Museum Council

  President Donald Trump appointed Marty Oliner, former three-term mayor of Lawrence, to the United States Holocaust Museum Council. Oliner is co-president of Religious Zionists of America; chairman of Israel Bonds,...

Visiting My Roots in Eastern Europe

By Shalom Pollack Well, I am at home again. I spent the last two weeks traveling — by plane, train, bus, and foot. I visited four countries: Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The...

‘Who Will Write Our History’ Shows Resistance, Tragedy of Warsaw Ghetto

By Dr. Alex Sternberg Everyone who has studied even a little about the Holocaust has heard of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. About 40,000 desperate Jews decided to revolt. We know...

Canadian Archives Acquires Nazi Study of North American Jewry

A rare booklet just acquired by the Canadian National Archives contains a Nazi study of North American Jewry apparently intended to facilitate their annihilation in the event of a...

Steven Spielberg Urges Mandatory Holocaust Education

Director, actors, recall filming ‘Schindler’s List’ at special 25th anniversary screening Article by The Jerusalem Post At a panel discussion over the weekend marking 25 years since the release of Schindler’s...

Morocco to Introduce Holocaust Studies Into ‎Country’s Education System

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has ordered to ‎incorporate Holocaust studies into the country’s ‎‎education system, Moroccan news website Le Desk ‎reported Wednesday.‎ The reports, which quickly went viral, said...

87-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Remarkable Story With 30 IDF Soldiers

At just three years old, Rena Quint’s life was uprooted when the Nazis invaded her hometown of Piotrków Trybunalski. On Thursday, one day prior to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Rena shares her heart-wrenching...

NY Philanthropists Honored With Holocaust Museum Regional Award

Danielle Schwartz Auerbach and Nicole Pines Lieberman traveled from their homes in Manhattan to the Washington D.C. museum to memorialize the Days of Remembrance, America’s annual commemoration of the...
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