Syria Strike Attributed to Israel Likely Linked to Weapons Center

BY YAAKOV LAPPIN (March 14, 2023 / JNS) A daytime airstrike in Syria on Sunday that has been attributed to Israel may have been linked to Hezbollah’s precision-missile program, according to an Israeli defense...

Israel Not a Factor in Saudi Decision’ to Renew Ties With Iran

BY YAAKOV LAPPIN (March 13, 2023 / JNS) The March 10 announcement by Saudi Arabia and Iran regarding their re-establishment of diplomatic relations after a seven-year severance jolted not only the Middle East but...

Signature Bank Closed By Regulators, SVB Collapses

Signature Bank New York was closed by the New York Department of Financial Services on Sunday March 12. Many attribute the failure to Signature's association with cryptocurrency companies. The Federal...

Israeli Man Fights for his Life After Being Wounded in Tel Aviv Terror Shooting

(March 10, 2023 / JNS) Or Asher, 32, was fighting for his life on Friday after undergoing surgery for a bullet wound to the neck sustained during a terror attack the previous...

Hadar Died From Injuries | Bereaved Mother: Colliding Driver was a Terrorist

(Arutz Sheva) Two-year-old Hadar Noga Lavi, who was criticallly injured in a collision caused by a Palestinian Arab driver who veered into the oncoming lane in which her mother...

NYC Park Building Vandalized with Swastika, Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Arutz Sheva - Hateful antisemitic graffiti, including a swastika, was removed from a building in a park in Queens, New York on Monday after police completed an investigation. The vandalism...

Terrorist Who Killed Yaniv Brothers Had Recently Been Released From Jail

(Arutz Sheva) The terrorist responsible for the murder of two Israeli brothers in late February was released from an Israeli prison just months before the attack, over the objections...

US Backs Israel’s ‘Legitimate Right’ to Fight Terror Following Jenin Operation

(March 8, 2023 / JNS) The United States expressed support on Tuesday for an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin earlier in the day. During the daylight raid, Israeli forces eliminated the terrorist...

Herzog: We are Closer Than Ever to Agreement on Judicial Reforms

(March 6, 2023 / JNS) Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Monday told a gathering of some 100 municipal officials that a compromise judicial reform proposal was nearly complete, and called on lawmakers...

Ben-Gvir at Field HQ: ‘The Anarchists Want to Burn Down Tel Aviv’

By Hezki Baruch (Arutz Sheva) National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived on Saturday evening at the police field headquarters in Tel Aviv to closely watch over the police's conduct during the...
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