Worth A Thousand Words

Developing pictures from my phone has always been a struggle for me. Last we spoke, I told you about almost deleting my entire inbox and camera roll, containing somewhere in...

Room Change

As choref z’man nears its end, and with Pesach not far away, it is more than a bit poetic that I am doing what I did when I first...

Dating Forum: Dating A Divorcé

At what point do you tell girls to start dating divorced guys? I am now getting close to my 32nd birthday as a never-married girl. As you can imagine,...

No Comparison

If you have ever compared yourself to someone else, you are not alone. According to some studies, as much as 10 percent of our thoughts involve comparisons of some...

Learning The Lingo

Like many people who are reading this, English is my first language and Yiddish is my second. Learning Yiddish was vital to my childhood existence. It wasn’t necessary for...

Smooth Operators

So I’m still on the phone. If you don’t recall from last week’s article, or have blocked it out, I’m currently trying to transfer phone service from an old flip...

Longing For Redemption: Infertility Awareness And Support

Next week, March 25, is Yesh Tikvah’s infertility awareness Shabbat. Yesh Tikvah is an organization whose mission is to create awareness and offer education about infertility and to offer...

Emotions Everywhere, All At Once

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch “Ever feel like life had been going so predictably for so long that you began to expect things to happen the way they did even before...

Left, Right, Wrong

The left in Israel has learned everything they know from the way in which the left functions here in the United States. A Jewish leftist, whether in the States or...

The History Of Cake

Though the title of this article may imply otherwise, don’t think that my fondest recollection of the Pesachs of yore is solely about cake and cookies. They stand out,...
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Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Playing the Long Game

If one is seeking instant gratification, being a shliach of the Rebbe, zt’l, is not the right gig, and with that “need” it would...

NORPAC’s Answer To Rising Anti-Semitism: Don’t Complain, Campaign

By Michele Justic You may have seen the viral video on your local WhatsApp Chat: Congressman Ritchie Torres presents a logical, well-informed, eloquent defense of...

A Less-Urgent Emergency

I received a message more than a week ago about a time-sensitive issue. The message was accompanied by a photo of a group of...


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