Connecting Head And Hand

Dear Dr. Haimoff, I fear that I have had a serious yeridah (decline) in my religious life over the past several years. I was once a yeshiva student flying high...

The World Famous Heiligeh Mir Trip

By Josiah N. Gampel The top shiur in DRS is rigorous, requiring a great investment of time, effort, and commitment. As early as ninth grade, students are told that if...

Yeshiva Week—Coming And Going

When we returned to New York from Florida at the end of last week, it seemed like most of the air and people traffic was moving in the opposite...


The Jewish Volunteer Ambulance Corp (JVAC) operates down in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is very much like the Hatzalah organizations we have been so familiar with for decades...

Never Give An Inch

As we’ve stated in this space in the past, we are big fans of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. On Tuesday night, a group of about 100 people...

No Excuses

Some friends and I were sitting together on Shabbos afternoon, catching up on each other’s lives and enjoying our time together. Of course, the topic of weight loss, or...

Worries Going Viral

By now, most people are no longer worried about COVID. But there were many who were not concerned about it from the start. These were primarily young people because...

A Whirlwind Weekend

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I didn’t realize this until the end of this wonderful past weekend, but it hit me as we had the chance to mingle with around 50...

Dating Forum: Meal Ticket

Question Women complain about how men treat them on dates, but I want to tell you how nicely my brother treats women and how they use him for his money....

Armed And Dangerous

If you have boys, things will get broken. For example, in my house, I have this one wall in the kitchen that we’ve had to spackle three times: once...
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Addressing V’Lo Yilbash

Sometimes, a general prohibition is well-known, but the details of the prohibition are foreign even to seasoned talmidei chachamim. Although the prohibition of v’lo...

Terror In Jerusalem: Seven Dead in Shooting in Synagogue in Neve Yaakov

Elad Benari, Canada At least seven people were killed and several others were injured, including one critically, in a shooting attack on a synagogue in...

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets Into Israel, Prompting IDF Retaliatory Strikes Against Hamas

(January 27, 2023 / JNS) Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities overnight Thursday, prompting retaliatory strikes by the IDF...


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