Dating Forum: Evil Stepmother

Question I am the product of a wicked stepmother. My biological mother was not emotionally well, unfortunately, and my parents had to get divorced. My father remarried a divorced woman...

Sparking Connection

Dear Elisheva, My husband and I were determined not to let this happen to us—we had even discussed this when we were dating—but 15 years later, here we are. We’re...

Dating Forum: Divorce Crisis

Question I was recently speaking with a woman who mentioned during our conversation that she has successfully matched 10 or so couples, and only one of those couples ultimately got...

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Deficit

Dear Dr. Haimoff, I have a 10-year old son who is not doing well in school. We recently had parent–teacher conferences and his teachers reported that “Eytan” (name changed to...

Dating Forum: The Plight Of Older Men

I have been reading your column for many years, and I look forward to your wisdom. I never thought I would be in the position to write to you,...

Grieving A Loss

Everything seems different these days, shadowed by a new, unwanted reality. Since the devastating loss my closest friend experienced, the minutiae of daily life has changed—for her and for...

Dating Forum: True Intentions

I was talking to a guy for some time, and our conversations flowed easily on all topics. We finally met and we seemed to get along well and enjoyed...

Toxic Positivity

Dear Rachel, I recently went through something really hard, and while I know my friends and family had good intentions, I often felt resentful of their “support.” A lot of...

A Full Tank

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I am by no means a world traveler. While it was always something I fantasized doing, all it took to deflate my dreams was finding childcare,...

How Do I “Get” My Spouse To Come To Therapy?

Dear Elisheva, I’m feeling so helpless and frustrated in my marriage. From the beginning, we had some issues. Nothing very severe, but we fight more than I want to, and...
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Dating Forum: Whom To Trust

My daughter has been divorced for a few years now, after being an agunah for many years. Baruch Hashem, she has children, and she’s...

A More Complete Picture Of The Research On The Shidduch Crisis

By Naomi Rosenbach, PhD The term “shidduch crisis” has been bandied about for many years. Until recently there has been relatively limited research to support...

To Buy Or Sell: That Is The Question

By Cheri F Rosen It’s easy for non-real-estate people to listen to nightly news stories and think, “Oh no! The market’s crashing!” But, as I...


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