Dating Forum: Recovering From a Gaslighting Relationship

  Question I got divorced not too long ago. My ex-wife was what professionals call a “gaslighter.” The goal of a gaslighter is to make the other person believe he or...

No Comparison

If you have ever compared yourself to someone else, you are not alone. According to some studies, as much as 10 percent of our thoughts involve comparisons of some...

Dating Forum: Red Or Blue

Why has politics been allowed to enter shidduchim? Why does it matter that I’m a Republican? Why does it matter that I was in DC on January 6 during...

Bagel Store: The Shul Next Door

Sukkos is here, baruch Hashem, the great holiday of celebrating our personal accomplishments over the prior two weeks — or six weeks, actually — as we refreshed and recalibrated...

DATING FORUM: Penny Pincher

Question I am not so new to dating. It’s been about five years, so I pretty much know most of the eligible guys out there. For the record, I consider...

Emotions Everywhere, All At Once

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch “Ever feel like life had been going so predictably for so long that you began to expect things to happen the way they did even before...

Career Corner: What’s the Best Career for My Daughter?

By Chaim Shapiro Question: My daughter is in her second year in Israel this year. We are proud of how she has grown and what she has accomplished in her time...

Mindbiz: Why Does My Friend Seem Hot and Cold?

  Dear Esther, I have a friend whom I’ll call Cindy. I really like her a lot. She has a great personality, I always feel so good when I’m speaking to...

Dating Forum: Being Sensible About Size

Question I am a 35-year-old single woman, and I am feeling anxious and discouraged about dating. Multiple people, including well-meaning strangers and acquaintances, have advised me to lose weight. They...

Why Don’t My In-Laws Help Support Us?

Dear Elisheva, My wife and I have been married for almost three years, and this issue has only gotten worse over that time. Baruch Hashem, we get along really well...
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Netanyahu Expected to Freeze Judicial Reforms Amid Mass Civil Disobedience

(March 27, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to freeze his government’s judicial reform program on Monday. He is set to deliver a speech...

True Character

Each one of Masechet Avot’s perakim begins with a central teaching. The fourth perek opens with Ben Zoma’s definition of four characters: the...

Heard In The Matzah Factory No More: A 5TJT Fan Relates

By Chaim Yehuda Meyer I read with great interest Larry Gordon’s article, “The History of Cake” (March 17, 2023). Mr. Gordon reminiscences about the Passover...


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