By Malkie Gordon Hirsch In true editor/father fashion, my father casually sent me a closeup picture of my late husband, with the large print of his latest written piece clearly...

Observations From A Mother–Son Brunch

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I like to refer to myself as an extroverted introvert. Today, the trend is to look like something you’re not and identify as somebody or something completely...

Dating Forum: No Respect

My daughter-in-law is new to becoming a shadchan. She was single for a long time, and she made a promise to herself that when she gets married, she will...

Internal Dynamics

As a therapist specializing in relationships, what I come across most often is the desire to be seen, heard, and understood. Whether it’s an issue between friends, a parent–child...

Malkie And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I had one of those days recently. You know, one of those days when things go bad. At first it’s unexpectedly. By around midday, you realize that...

Dating Forum: The Good Group

A few weeks ago, you gave advice to a divorced woman with daughters who complained that she does not get invited to married people for Shabbos and yom tov...

Dating Forum: Too Good To Be True

Question I was recently told the following by a prominent individual: “Calling all references before deciding on a first date is the best way to protect a woman from ending...

Opening The Door, Part II

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch It’s been the type of week that makes one forget that just a week ago, we were sitting poolside by a beautiful resort, soaking up the...

State Of Mind: Physical Perspectives

Dear Elisheva, This message probably makes me sounds like a shallow, judgmental person, and maybe I am. My husband and I are both in our late thirties. We have a great...

Dating Forum: Familial Interference

Question I am a 27-year-old bachur who was on the verge of getting engaged to a 25-year-old girl. Ever since her younger 19-year-sister got married a few days ago, this...
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Negating Chametz, Negating The Yetzer Ha’Ra

Every year at this time, we negate the chametz. But what exactly are we doing? Our great roshei yeshiva have taught that we must look...

Shabbos HaGadol: Present Tense

In a small village near the town of Kolbisov, there lived a simple Jew who made his living from the kretchma, the little inn...

Acute vs. Chronic

On a typical day I treat many chronic, long-standing health concerns. Acupuncture is best known for its incredible healing abilities for chronic conditions, even...


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