Dovid M. Cohen Turns 50

How often do you have the opportunity to meet a person so accomplished, well-rounded, thoughtful, and articulate? That is what you get in a conversation with Rabbi Dovid M....

Momentous Touro Gala, December 4

What an accomplishment! Touro University is celebrating their 50th anniversary. The university has made remarkable inroads in bringing higher and advanced education to a segment of the community that...

Sages For The Ages

Famed underachieving Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not allowed to be president of the United States. You see, she was born in 1989 and just turned 33 in October. The...

Not Over Or Done

The contentious elections are almost over and on some counts we are in about the same place we were before this all began. Senator Josh Hawley (R) of Missouri says...

Dinner Season

It is dinner season for leading Jewish community organizations, and we are planning on attending many of them. Of course, the primary motivation for our participation is to show...

At War With G-d

  When you use euphemisms for life’s priorities and essential issues, you are indulging in a type of doublespeak that, at its core, is about denying the centrality of G-d...

A Year Later

Last year, as you may recall, we were planning on going to Israel for my father’s yahrzeit on Chanukah. It would have been our first time there on the...

Sandy: A Decade Later

It’s said it was a once-in-a-lifetime type of event. Hurricane Sandy hit our tip of Long Island in 2012 at this time of year, so it’s an anniversary of...

Bibi Is Back

After an almost two-year stint in government that pushed Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party into the opposition, voters in Israel this week brought Bibi back. With almost 90% of...

The Pendulum Swings

Believe it or not, there are a few people who send me e-mails almost every week expressing how much they detest and disagree with the political editorial positions and...
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Tuned In

Hi, readers! As I’m now up to my seventh article (and feel like I’ve practically written a book by now), I think it’s time...

Jewish Vote Helps Edge Warnock To Reelection

Jewish vote helps edge Warnock to reelection White House antisemitism event today, Arab fans harass Israeli reporters at World Cup, nurse sues for religious...

Mayor Eric Adams & DA McMahon Speak Out Against SI Hate Crime

Following the arrest of a 25-year-old man for allegedly shooting a BB gun at a father and son as they left Kosher Island Super...


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