On The Way To Israel

Jonathan Burkan is a great friend, a political activist, and a man who lives and breathes what is best for Israel. And that’s why he told me earlier this...


The reality is there has been a long history of American presidents taking issue with Israeli leaders over various matters since Israel’s founding in 1948. Last week I gave the...

Another Important Election

Next week, Tuesday May 21, the annual Lawrence School Board election will take place with incumbents Abel Feldhamer and Heshy Blachorsky seeking re-election. Opposing Blachorsky is Inwood resident, Ilyassha...

Beit Halochem: Dvir’s Story

He served his nearly three years in the IDF. Now Dvir is 23-years-old and, in keeping with the tradition in Israel, after the young men and women complete their...

A Gezunter Zumer!

After the completion of the Pesach holiday, many of us left  shul after Maariv wishing each other a “Gezunter Zumer,” a happy and healthy summer. So, while it is still...

Being Pro Anti-Israel

It’s been more than six months and the back and forth, on and off talks between Israel and Hamas through various intermediaries seem to be getting nowhere fast. Even more...

Rav Dov Wolowitz: A Tribute

We turned on our phones after the first days of yom tov to learn sadly of the petirah of Rav Dov Wolowitz, a community leader, a friend, a man...

The Chuck And Jerry Show

By Larry Gordon Very often these days, not speaking out on a matter is a way of voicing your opinion. In other words, the less you say on a matter...

A Lawrence Mayoral Race

It might be considered the Long Island version of the changing of the guard. With long time Lawrence, NY Mayor Alex Edelman being term limited out, come mid-June there...

The Iran Story Changes

Last week the Israeli Air Force eliminated seven top Iranian military officials who were planning attacks against Israel. They were killed at Iran’s embassy compound in Syria. It is...
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On Being Here

These past few days in Israel have been exhilarating, thought-provoking, and full of unforgettable moments and unforgettable people, both Americans and Sabras. Our tour,...

A Divided Taxi

His name is Eitan and he’s been driving a taxi here in Israel for more than forty years. He drove us to Jerusalem last...

The One

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Magence You know those couples that can finish each others’ sentences, due to hearing the same story roughly 20,000 times? It...


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