Kaddish For My Mom

This week we marked six years since my mother, Sora Rosa bas Ahron, Rosalind Gordon, passed away. She was an extraordinary mother, easygoing, fiercely dedicated, and always there for...

Bagel Store: A Bissel Shtisel

They are actors playing parts that are distant from their real lives. And for those of you who have become aficionados of the Netflix series "Shtisel," that might be...

A Less-Urgent Emergency

I received a message more than a week ago about a time-sensitive issue. The message was accompanied by a photo of a group of men and women, many wheeling...

Bagel Store: Catskills Redux

It rained like mad on Sunday night. And as long as we are on the subject of being mad, following the intense rainstorm the sky was decorated with the...

Left, Right, Wrong

The left in Israel has learned everything they know from the way in which the left functions here in the United States. A Jewish leftist, whether in the States or...


The Jewish Volunteer Ambulance Corp (JVAC) operates down in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is very much like the Hatzalah organizations we have been so familiar with for decades...

From the Editor: Great Men

    I have to admit that at the time I really did not know that I was in the presence of greatness. The enduring and indelible impression that Rabbi Shlomo...

Justice And Peace

We are fortunate that former Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s term was short-lived and that we escaped the type of damage he could have done to the State of Israel...

From the Editor: We Need a Trump Victory

It is either going to be close, as most of the possibly hyped-up polls are showing, or President Trump is going to score a significant and resounding victory on...

No One Knew Him

He lived quietly, basically unknown—until he died almost two weeks ago. On an early weekend morning, a woman, now charged with homicide, angrily drove her car onto the B....
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Netanyahu Expected to Freeze Judicial Reforms Amid Mass Civil Disobedience

(March 27, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to freeze his government’s judicial reform program on Monday. He is set to deliver a speech...

True Character

Each one of Masechet Avot’s perakim begins with a central teaching. The fourth perek opens with Ben Zoma’s definition of four characters: the...

Heard In The Matzah Factory No More: A 5TJT Fan Relates

By Chaim Yehuda Meyer I read with great interest Larry Gordon’s article, “The History of Cake” (March 17, 2023). Mr. Gordon reminiscences about the Passover...


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