Count Me Out

Last week I discovered a large envelope in my mailbox. At first I thought it was medication sent from my mail-away pharmacy. But this rather heavy envelope didn’t resemble...

Captain Obvious And The Upside-Down Rhino

Every year, I write about the Ig Nobel Prizes, which is a real ceremony that distributes awards for scientific studies that at first seem ridiculous, but then, when you...

Honey Nut Charcuterie

About once a year, I run an article about some of the new foods that are out there, with a primary focus on trends—what’s in style to eat these...

A Great Deal … Of Trouble

There is no such thing as a good addiction, unless perhaps someone is addicted to reading or learning. I admit to having a somewhat unusual addiction. I am addicted...

Time And Again

Most people can get used to everything eventually. This is not the case for me. Given my age, by now I should be accustomed to changing the clock in...

Changing The Clock Change

I enjoy complaining about Daylight Saving Time as much as the next guy, but this new law that the government is trying to pass is not the way to...

Beginners’ Simcha

We now present part two of my article about why brissim are easily one of the least stressful simchas to make. If you missed last week’s article, that’s OK, because...

Seasonal Rush

As people age, they tend to feel that the years fly by faster and faster. I often wondered why this is so, and I believe I recently discovered the...

This Week’s News Roundup (Satire)

By Rafi Metz What if Democrats Keep Their Majorities in Congress? Here’s a Preview of Their Legislative Agenda If you’re wondering what the Democrats plan on doing if they manage to...

Cutting Out The Stress

A bris is one of the most chilled simchas for everyone involved, except the baby. And maybe the mohel. (And probably the sandak.) There’s a lot less pressure than with...
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Tuned In

Hi, readers! As I’m now up to my seventh article (and feel like I’ve practically written a book by now), I think it’s time...

Jewish Vote Helps Edge Warnock To Reelection

Jewish vote helps edge Warnock to reelection White House antisemitism event today, Arab fans harass Israeli reporters at World Cup, nurse sues for religious...

Mayor Eric Adams & DA McMahon Speak Out Against SI Hate Crime

Following the arrest of a 25-year-old man for allegedly shooting a BB gun at a father and son as they left Kosher Island Super...


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