WATCH: Bibi Enjoying the snow

The Prime Minister of Israel Bibi Netanyahu, enjoyed the snow in front of his home in Jerusalem with a playful snowball fight

The viral cat lawyer once drew national attention for his prosecution of a Jewish...

(JTA) — Rod Ponton, a small-town attorney from Texas, captured America’s attention this week after he showed up to a virtual courtroom looking like a fluffy white cat, thanks...

Climb Every Mountain

Spending so much time indoors and occasionally feeling somewhat isolated has caused me to remember things from years ago. It may have something to do with living in the...

My Day In Court

So I finally got my day in court. Traffic court, to be precise. My day in court was a Tuesday. The ticket I got actually said Saturday, so I called...

The Way It Is: Newsworthy Resolution

For some reason, even those of us who celebrate Rosh Hashanah as the beginning of the New Year tend to make resolutions on December 31. When we sit in...

Daf Yomi: In Hot Water

  The following is based on a true story. Nathan comes home from his out-of-town dormitory. He loudly declares, “I’m starving!” His mother gently reminds him that he managed for a...

The Way It Is: The Heart of the Matter

  Each time a major snowfall is expected, my mother’s words ring in my ears. I can still hear her admonishing my dad; “Willie, you are not going to shovel...

Schmutter: Complaining About Mahn

  So I hear where I live in New Jersey, the free-food-box pickup may be ending — again — and soon we won’t have free food anymore, unless we count...

Schmutter: Presents of the Future

Are you bad at buying Chanukah gifts? Well, do we have some ideas for you! They’re bad ideas, of course, but that’s what makes them perfect for you. Note that all...

The Way It Is: Casting About for New Meaning

  My lifelong friend Nancy is a former English teacher. We speak often, and during a recent call, she told me that she was unhappy with her retirement. She felt...
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Reviewed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Rav Dovid Feinstein, zt’l (1929–2020), was the leading posek in the United States since his father Rav Moshe, zt’l (1895–1986),...

Musings Of A Shliach From Montana

By R' Chaim Bruk The only way to live as Yidden is to constantly grow in our relationship with Hashem, through refinement of our inner...


By Baila Sebrow Question I’m a frum girl and I dress in tzniusdik clothing. No one has ever complained about the way I dress, except the...


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