Dating Forum: Evil Stepmother

Question I am the product of a wicked stepmother. My biological mother was not emotionally well, unfortunately, and my parents had to get divorced. My father remarried a divorced woman...

What’s In A Name?

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch The first time it happened, we brushed it off because of Rosie’s age. Because of her inability to realize at 4 years old that maybe it wasn’t...

Dating Forum: The Good Group

A few weeks ago, you gave advice to a divorced woman with daughters who complained that she does not get invited to married people for Shabbos and yom tov...

Left, Right, Wrong

The left in Israel has learned everything they know from the way in which the left functions here in the United States. A Jewish leftist, whether in the States or...

Dating Forum: Man In The Mirror

Question I hope that you can help me, as I know you help so many others. I’m 31 years old and divorced from an abusive husband. I met my current...

This Week’s News Roundup (Satire)

By Rafi Metz Top 10 Reasons To Support Socialism It’s pretty much indisputable at this point that we’re headed toward a glorious socialist utopia. Capitalism will collapse eventually, and we need...

The Young Widows Club

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch It was like a dinner with friends—with a few notable differences. First, there was the vast array of alcoholic beverages on the table at our hostess’s...

Musings Of A Shliach From Montana

By R' Chaim Bruk Shabbos is not a “day of rest” for Chabad shluchim and shluchos. We often joke that when Hashem commanded Jewry to work six days a week,...

Emotions Everywhere, All At Once

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch “Ever feel like life had been going so predictably for so long that you began to expect things to happen the way they did even before...


The Jewish Volunteer Ambulance Corp (JVAC) operates down in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is very much like the Hatzalah organizations we have been so familiar with for decades...
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Negating Chametz, Negating The Yetzer Ha’Ra

Every year at this time, we negate the chametz. But what exactly are we doing? Our great roshei yeshiva have taught that we must look...

Shabbos HaGadol: Present Tense

In a small village near the town of Kolbisov, there lived a simple Jew who made his living from the kretchma, the little inn...

Acute vs. Chronic

On a typical day I treat many chronic, long-standing health concerns. Acupuncture is best known for its incredible healing abilities for chronic conditions, even...


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