Toranut And Shemirah

By Reuben M. Gampel Yeshivat Hakotel, like many hesder yeshivot, expects talmidim to give two weeks of service to the yeshiva community: one week for toranut (kitchen duty) and the...

Beyond Tourism

At age four, I made a major discovery. Let me set the scene. It was the first day of the second half of my summer at Camp Atara, and,...

My Central Ba’Aretz Experience

By Reema C. Gampel Soon after my bat mitzvah in February 2020 my family was supposed to go to Israel on an extended vacation. This was to be my first...

Ride Out The Challenges

By Talmidah Y I’ve started to joke that seminary is 50% Torah and 10% sleep, leaving a hefty 40% for what I like to refer to as “mommy classes.” The...

The World Famous Heiligeh Mir Trip

By Josiah N. Gampel The top shiur in DRS is rigorous, requiring a great investment of time, effort, and commitment. As early as ninth grade, students are told that if...

Insight Is 20/20

I used to believe the world was divided into two distinct categories: glasses-wearers and bare-faced—A.K.A., cool girls who get to strut into second grade displaying their trendy look and...

Showing My Sister The Sights

I am the eldest of three and I’m very close with my brother, Josiah, and sister, Reema. During the four months I have been away, I’ve missed spending time...

Why Does My Good Teen Have Bad Friends?

By Miriam Schiller, LCSW Dear Therapist, My daughter is 16 years old and attends a local Orthodox High School. She is a well-rounded, upbeat girl who always had a wide range...

Counting The Days, Making Them Count

I vividly remember the first time I watched The Notebook. COVID summer. Age 15. Tissues everywhere. Not COVID-related tissues. Just I-have-the-most-dramatic-friends-ever tissues. We were outside, having the obligatory projector movie...

Year In Israel – Sleep Of The Just

Last week I crossed a milestone of sorts: I was sick with the flu and had to convalesce away from home. I was miserable and wanted my mother to...
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Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Playing the Long Game

If one is seeking instant gratification, being a shliach of the Rebbe, zt’l, is not the right gig, and with that “need” it would...

NORPAC’s Answer To Rising Anti-Semitism: Don’t Complain, Campaign

By Michele Justic You may have seen the viral video on your local WhatsApp Chat: Congressman Ritchie Torres presents a logical, well-informed, eloquent defense of...

A Less-Urgent Emergency

I received a message more than a week ago about a time-sensitive issue. The message was accompanied by a photo of a group of...


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