Shabbat In Hebron

Not long after the chagim ended I started looking forward to spending Shabbat Chayei Sarah in Hebron, a weekend billed by upperclassmen as the “best” Shabbat of the year....

What’s In A Name?

By Talmidah Y Over the course of my childhood, I’ve wanted to change my name a few times. I remember the first one I chose at age seven. I was...

My Trip To Gehenom In Poland

By Reuben Gampel I watched as my friends choked up at Belzec, the Nazi death camp, where six hundred thousand Jews were murdered. I saw tears fall from their eyes...

Take Your Time

By Talmidah Y I feel like my life these days is just checking off a bucket list of all of the dangerous things that every seminary girl accidentally does during...

My Transcendent Yom Kippur

By Reuben M. Gampel When I was twelve years old, I started fasting for the entire day on Yom Kippur. I handled the fast well until about 3 p.m., when...

Unconventional Yom Kippur

Culture. I don’t think I understood that word until I got to seminary. Long, black three-tiered skirts. Aroma coffees. Pastel spiral notebooks. All of the things that are part...

When We Get To Jerusalem Can I Stay With You?

By Reuben M. Gampel One of my concerns prior to leaving for my gap year was where I would stay during the chagim or on an “off Shabbat,” when the...

Welcome To Israel, My Brother

By Talmidah X I vividly remember my first pre-seminary freak-out. August 2013. Sleepaway camp trial week. Eight years old. I was sticking the last prepackaged outfit into my BunkJunk duffel bag...

Two Sides Of A Coin

By MB She did that! He said this! You are guilty of that! Sounds familiar? Well, we all have our side of the story of what happened. A lot of times we...

Stop Spreading; Start Protecting

By MB The topic we’re all done with. The one that we can’t stand hearing. Corona. My father is in the hospital battling it. My mother just got over with...
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Tuned In

Hi, readers! As I’m now up to my seventh article (and feel like I’ve practically written a book by now), I think it’s time...

Jewish Vote Helps Edge Warnock To Reelection

Jewish vote helps edge Warnock to reelection White House antisemitism event today, Arab fans harass Israeli reporters at World Cup, nurse sues for religious...

Mayor Eric Adams & DA McMahon Speak Out Against SI Hate Crime

Following the arrest of a 25-year-old man for allegedly shooting a BB gun at a father and son as they left Kosher Island Super...


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