When We Get To Jerusalem Can I Stay With You?

By Reuben M. Gampel One of my concerns prior to leaving for my gap year was where I would stay during the chagim or on an “off Shabbat,” when the...

Feeling It In Your Kishkes

I feel like I’ve been giving a lot of previews to my articles lately … and this week is no different! All year, I’ve had a grand plan of...

My Transcendent Yom Kippur

By Reuben M. Gampel When I was twelve years old, I started fasting for the entire day on Yom Kippur. I handled the fast well until about 3 p.m., when...

Take Your Time

By Talmidah Y I feel like my life these days is just checking off a bucket list of all of the dangerous things that every seminary girl accidentally does during...

Showing My Sister The Sights

I am the eldest of three and I’m very close with my brother, Josiah, and sister, Reema. During the four months I have been away, I’ve missed spending time...

Shulamith Students Express Their Love For Israel At 70

Israel By Shira Mintz The original homeland of the Jewish people, Is rich with exotic fruits, but also contains vast desert land, It is contradiction. We have inhabited this land, since ancient times. Through blood, sweat, and...

Toranut And Shemirah

By Reuben M. Gampel Yeshivat Hakotel, like many hesder yeshivot, expects talmidim to give two weeks of service to the yeshiva community: one week for toranut (kitchen duty) and the...

Stop Spreading; Start Protecting

By MB The topic we’re all done with. The one that we can’t stand hearing. Corona. My father is in the hospital battling it. My mother just got over with...

Starry Nights

“I don’t believe in stars.” The innocent thought, relatable to any child growing up in New York. They’re always told stars exist; after all, they can only get Chanukah...

Beyond Tourism

At age four, I made a major discovery. Let me set the scene. It was the first day of the second half of my summer at Camp Atara, and,...
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B’haalosecha: Bon Appetite!

Chacham Yosef Chaim of Baghdad was the great posek, Kabbalist, and community leader of Sefardic Jewry at the turn of the 19th Century. He...

Abarbanel—A Man Of Many Worlds—Revealed In A New Film

By Toby Klein Greenwald Rabbi Berel Wein, executive producer, and Ashley Lazarus, director and writer, have come out with another groundbreaking educational project. Abarbanel —A...

A Death In Yeshiva

By Reuben Gampel Two weeks ago, Shana Aleph madrich Michael Riback, z’l, died suddenly. He was a soldier in the IDF and was participating in...


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