You might have to blame yourself next time you get a parking ticket.

City officials today unveiled new, streamlined signs that aim to take the guesswork out of parking regulations for befuddled motorists.

The simplified signs – some of which are already up in Midtown Manhattan – feature less words, unified typefaces and more whitespace for easier reading.

Most of the signs went from around 250 characters to about 140, about the size of a tweet.

“I think twitter was onto something,” said Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

The red “no standing” signs will be changed to white with red lettering.

Instead of telling drivers “no standing except commercial vehicles,” the signs now say “commercial vehicles only.”

It then says “others no standing.”

The sign also gives the days of the week that the rules are in effect, followed by the hours.

Before, the hours went first, which was too confusing, officials said.

The old signs were written in all caps, which can be hard to read.

The new ones are a mix of upper and lower-case lettering, similar to how most text is written.

The city has also eliminated all of its blue and white “Pay at Muni Meter” signs, which typically went underneath the parking regulation signs.

The signs were put up to tell drivers that they needed to pay at Muni Meters, as opposed to the old-fashioned single space meters.

But they are now are now unnecessary because single space parking meters have been eliminated.

The city hopes to replace 6,300 parking signs with the new simplified design by spring.

Source: NY Post


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