– She needs to be saved. King Demands Silence, Threatens Forced Lobotomy

 (Amman) – A Jordanian women rights and political activist, Hebal Melham, was being labeled “mentally ill” by the regime in Jordan, all for taking off her hijab, pointing out that women have few rights in Jordan, and speaking out for peace with Israel. The government is actually planning to lobotomize her and has issued a court ruling for that. Heba Melham, a lawyer and PhD who is an outspoken advocate of women rights, and peace with Israel.  She has been constantly appearing in videos over social media to advocate her cause and calling for regime change in Jordan through peaceful means.

In her last video, linked here, she can be seen appealing to the world to save her life, states she fears for her life and accusing Jordan’s king and Queen of oppressing her.

The puzzle pieces making up the truth about the King of Jordan and his Islamic regime are falling into place. Combined, they are framing a picture where its proper to support America’s enemies, to sway with the wind and cuddle up to radical regimes, and control his own subjects with brutal threats of imprisonment and forced lobotomies for as little as not wearing a Hijab and as much as promoting peace with Israel.

“The king has not only placed himself above the Constitution and people, but on one hand he vows to stop fundamentalism while each and every action of his revolves around empowering Islamist at home and oppressing any secular or moderate voices,” Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) said. “The king is systematically oppressing any moderate voices and what he is doing to Heba Melhem is evidence of that; its one thing to threaten someone based on their ideas, but to openly promote lobotomies as a solution, is just absurd and disturbing”.

“Heba is a strong woman, a great woman, and a woman many Jordanians are proud of,” Zahran continued. “We call on the world to help us save her life and bring the King’s lunacy to an end.”

According to Zahran, “Heba’s criticism of the king netted a court ruling that declares her mentally incompetent. It adds that she should therefore be forcibly institutionalized”.

In an effort to share Heba’s plight with the world, the JOC’s Facebook page contains a personal appeal to the world for help. The URL is:

“The JOC puts the king on notice right now – if you touch one hair on her head, you will pay a heavy legal price.” Mudar continued. “Abdullah, if anything happens to her – anything – we will be filing charges against you in the International Criminal Court,”

Zahran continued. “The king is in the process of destroying not just the country economically and politically, but the heart and soul of the Jordanian people.”

Supporting the JOC’s claims are recordings between Melhem and Jordanian officials where her life (and the lobotomy) is threatened. Zahran says: “We have those recordings and we would happily extends them to any media outlet interested in saving Heba’s life”

What’s most surprising about this whole event – it’s because she won’t wear a Hijab and openly demands equal rights for women, the self-described “moderate” king is punishing her, which discredits all his claims of moderation.

“The West should understand that this fact alone proves that Jordan’s king has allowed fundamentalist Islam to sprout and flourish in the nation,” The Secretary General ended.

Copies of the video, along with a briefing will be posted online, and delivered to the media and selected Parliament members in the UK, France, Israel, Germany, and England, as well as members of the US Congress.

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