One might think that it would be challenging if not impossible to put a positive spin on Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week. The New York Times called for President Biden to step aside and make room for another presidential candidate.

After getting over the staggering shock of Mr. Biden’s weak showing, some leading Democrats decided to at least temporarily come out in his defense.

The right-wing media has been talking about Biden’s cognitive decline for years. On Sunday, 84-year-old congresswoman Nancy Pelosi told one of the Sunday news programs that she believes it is Donald Trump who has dementia.

Now the tug-of-war within the Democrat Party begins on how to proceed on the matter of whether Joe Biden should continue as the Democratic presidential nominee. As the rules stand, it may be almost impossible to get him off the ticket since the president won 3,894 of 3,937 available pledged delegates, or 99 percent. Yet, it’s possible that if the majority of the party decides he must go, they could persuade the delegates to switch him for another candidate. But that seems highly unlikely.

From our perspective, the lack of any questions in the debate about the widespread pro-Hamas and anti-Israel demonstrations or even any mention of Israel’s ongoing battle against Hamas was rather surprising.

It seemed that former President Trump tried to insinuate that Mr. Biden sides more with the Palestinians than he does with the Israelis. He went so far as to call Biden a “bad Palestinian,” though it is unclear what he meant by that.

For the most part, the Biden administration’s simultaneous pro- and anti-Israel positions did not make it into the 90-minute debate between the two former presidents. Somehow, it seems that these last few months or at least until Biden’s disastrous debate performance, the central focus of most news shows has been Israel in Gaza, Israel against Hamas, Hezbollah, anti-Israel protests on college campuses and in major cities like New York and of course in Europe, as well. But somehow, this major foreign policy issue disappeared from this debate that was supposed to make or break one of the two presidential candidates.

Instead, these issues were hardly mentioned at all. There wasn’t a word about the alleged great humanitarian crisis and the starving children or the tens of thousands of women and children who allegedly lost their lives according the nonexistent “Gaza Health Ministry.” Perhaps none of that is really that important or perhaps mostly false.

All news outlets are reporting that the White House in an effort to demonstrate how sharp and astute the president is, cited that Biden threatened Prime Minister Netanyahu to cut off weapon supplies if Israel tries to invade Rafah. However, they would continue to provide protective weapons, including for its Iron Dome air defense system, which repelled recent rocket and drone attacks from Iran. It is fascinating that this is what it takes to convince people of Biden’s ability to function as president—only by threatening Israel.

The news most of this week has been about how the Democrats are in dual panic mode. The first issue is that Biden is clearly not fit for office (an old story), and the second is there really is no one else suitable to run in his place, except perhaps for Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom, or Gretchen Whitmer, all of whom bring their own political baggage and levels of unpopularity.

An additional Democrat Party challenge is how to handle the matter of Vice President Kamala Harris, who is rightfully next in line for the presidency if Biden should decide to step aside. But at the same time, the Harris polling has her scoring less than Biden even after his terrible debate performance.

The Democratic National Committee announced this week that if Biden does step aside or is somehow removed from his candidacy, the $200 million in his campaign fund would automatically be transferred to a Harris campaign fund. The New York Post reported that many of the donors have requested refunds if that is the case.

Until a few days ago, the next great challenge was how the sentencing of Mr. Trump would be handled and how the public would react to any sentence pronounced by Judge Juan Merchan. The Trump legal team asked for a two-week delay in the sentencing. Instead, Merchan is giving them more than two months. The reason for the judicial generosity is mostly because to date, all the lawfare efforts have worked to Trump’s advantage. The Trump re-election efforts are headed in a good direction. Merchan and Bragg, the New York City DA, intended to help President Biden, instead the opposite has happened. n

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  1. B”H The moral debasement of the MAGA movement is amply illustrated in the publisher-editor’s assessment of the much-promoted by poorly executed Presidential debate between the presumptive candidates of our oldest two parties. More, the pretender to be a professional journalist was proven again by backtracking to calling Thomas Jefferson’s coalition the Democrat, instead of Democratic, Party! Our decent President stumbled, but the criticism must wholly be directed to the putative 45th President, whose performance of lies couldn’t be missed for your eyes and ears saw and heard a litany that must ipso facto disqualify him from appearing in such fora, now or ever! Without detailing the obvious deficiencies in every deception uttered by the now convicted felon ex-President, the June 27 encounter might’ve revealed that there’s an honorable way for President Biden to withdraw —- permitting an admirable and dynamic crop of contenders to fill the void; with the also-runs completing a credible Cabinet, a harnessed team of rivals to work for America! Speculations abound on the Obama factor: the 44th’s reluctance to endorse his vice president to succeed him; an obligation he might have felt to support his former Secretary of State; the fatuous assurance that Hillary’s prospective success was a slum dunk (that would have permanently precluded having an 81-year-old run again). Such thoughtful discussion is beyond the ken of Larry Gordon, and our Jewish community, and the general public are the poorer for his inability and unwillingness to go beyond his extreme right-wing MAGA ideology; here, and in its divisive impersonation in Israel under Bibi. Hodesh Tamuz veShavua tov. With fraternal affection, Asher 🙏🇺🇸😊🇮🇱🤣


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