The month of June many of our children and grandchildren are preparing to graduate or have graduated from high school. We, of course, are all so proud of them reaching this wonderful milestone, but given the situation we’ve seen across the country for the last eight months at many of the universities, what kind of atmosphere and situation are we sending them into as they progress to the next level of education? For those of you whose children or grandchildren are going to Israel next year, you have an extra year to worry about this before they progress to higher education.

We’ve all been watching ad nauseum as those crazy pro-Palestinian protests and anti-Zionist, anti-Israel poison and violence have permeated the streets and campuses of the Ivy League schools across the country, a situation none of us could have ever anticipated witnessing. Those crowds of masked young people (notice I do not claim all of them to be students) spewing hate and venom towards Jews in volumes not seen since the Holocaust. We ask ourselves where is this coming from?

So, the questions I put out there to all of you are the following: Given that the majority of these protestors and rioters are covering their faces and some are even covering their heads, what exactly are they hiding? Are they hiding the fact that they are foreign students studying here on a visa? Are they hiding the fact that they are professors who are dormant Hamas lovers, now protesting but also educating ignorant university students a false history of Israel and Jews in order to create troops to protest their hatred and anti-American leanings? Are they illegal migrants backing Iran and Hamas that have worked their way across our porous borders to instigate violence and hatred towards Jews and America? Or maybe they are Antifa followers for whom any anti-American cause works for them since they hate America?

I can come up with dozens of possibilities, but wearing a mask and hiding their identities gives them an anonymity that we as Jews and Americans need to push our representatives in government to legislate against such a practice, abolishing their option to wear masks during public protests.

If they are identified and legitimately in the country and behaving in a non-violent fashion without spewing antisemitism, they have a right to protest civilly even if we are against what they are protesting, but more likely the majority of them when identified will be rounded up by the police and arrested for a host of charges whether for violence, destructive behavior, foreign agents, fomenting hatred and antisemitism, trespassing, and occupation of buildings, public areas, etc. and creating dangerous situations, etc. And why should they be allowed to continue this reign of terror masked and unidentified? It’s time to remove the masks and take away their tool of terrorism since this is what it really is—terrorism.

Take the time to write and call all the government representatives you can think of both locally, statewide, and federally, demanding a law to take away the ability and right of protestors to wear masks during any kind of protest or rally. It’s time to take back our country! n


Anessa Cohen lives in Cedarhurst and is a Licensed Real Estate Broker (Anessa V Cohen Realty with over 20 years of experience offering full service residential, commercial and management real estate services in the 5 towns of Long Island as well as the tri-state area. She can be reached at 516-569-5007 or Readers are encouraged to send any questions or scenarios by email to



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