Ohel recently hosted more than 40 post-divorce “Devoted Dads” in a workshop for the non-residential father. The need to address the specific concerns and challenges of the non-residential parent was clearly evident as fathers came from as far as Lakewood and Long Island to attend this event in Brooklyn.

David Mandel, CEO of Ohel, made introductory remarks about the increasing rate of divorce in our communities and how non-residential fathers have the opportunity to greatly impact the development of their children.

Dov Wilkes, LCSW, from Ohel’s Tikvah Center discussed the various changes that fathers and children experience as a result of divorce. Practical techniques were offered for devoted dads to utilize in both their visitation and their ongoing communication with their children. The challenge of devoted dads feeling stigmatized was addressed as well, and the need to develop support systems was emphasized throughout the event.

The responses to this workshop were overwhelmingly positive. One father commented, “This was so informative! When is the next workshop?” Another father commented, “I feel that tonight’s program spoke to my situation and challenges. The suggestions were practical and powerful.”

Despite the incoming storm, most of the participants stayed an hour after the program to ask questions and to connect with each other. Fathers can stay tuned for the next workshops at ohelfamily.org/devoted. v



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