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By Michal Goldfein

Shopping can be stressful for every woman, especially before the holidays. How does one really know how to dress for her body type? I plan on demystifying the shopping experience so that you can find figure-flattering pieces. I spoke with two other fashionistas to get some tricks of the trade and incorporated my own tips as well.

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One of these beautiful ladies is Dafna Alexandra Boyle, an Orthodox woman who combines her beautiful smile with her great fashion sensibility. Dafna considers herself petite and curvy, and she embraces her body type with styles that highlight her waist, using accessories to amplify her looks. One of her key tips is to dress in clothing that flatters you, not necessarily in clothing that is on-trend, because trends come and go. She also adds that you should always remain authentic to yourself when picking out clothing and that confidence is the most important part of any outfit.

The other gorgeous fashionista, Holly Kaitlyn Lindsey, a blogger from Kentucky, gave me more great tips for dressing her hourglass figure. She exudes body positivity and says she always tries to accentuate her waist. If a dress is too flowy, she adds a cute belt to pull it all in.

While women come in all shapes and sizes, one thing is for sure—beauty comes from within. Hope you enjoy the following tricks of the trade!

First up, for all the petite gals — myself included — are tips on how to make yourself look, metaphorically, like a tall glass of water.

  • Rule #1: Stay away from chunky heels, and go for nude pumps or any shoe with a slimmer heel to elongate your body.
  • Rule #2: Use layers to fake the perfect fit. For example, take a boxier shirt and layer a nipped-in blazer or belt on top of it, and automatically you’ve created curves and a shape.
  • Rule #3: Pay attention to silhouette when it comes to voluminous skirts and dresses with a lot of fabric. If you go blouson on top, don’t overdo it with a full bottom; balance is key!

Now I’ll head on over to the pear-shaped ladies. They also look good in clothes that elongate the body.

  • Rule #1: Play up that beautiful waist and upper torso with tops that draw the eye upwards. Cowl necks, jeweled necklines, or fun sleeves totally up the ante.
  • Rule #2: Pear shapes look amazing in A-line, princess cuts, and waist-length jackets.
  • Rule #3: Go for A-line dresses and wrap dresses that can be super-flattering and define your waist.
  • Rule #4: Use accessories to accentuate your slender shoulders.

Now let’s not forget our gorgeous hourglass sisters! You are blessed with curves galore and here’s how to rock them.

  • Rule #1: Wearing fitted, structured clothes is a great way to show off your shape.
  • Rule #2: You’re in luck! Elbow-length sleeves actually draw attention to your waist.
  • Rule #3: Dresses are your friend; just be careful with flowy dresses that have no definition.
  • Rule #4: High-waisted skirts work great on you as well!

What about the apple-shaped girls who are broader on top? Let’s talk about how to play up your features and proportions.

Dress with belt
  • Rule #1: Your mainstays for tops are flowy tunics and relaxed boyfriend button-ups. Always pick fabrics that sustain their shape; jersey may not be your friend.
  • Rule #2: For any body type, where the jacket hits is key — wear outerwear that hits at the hip or upper thigh. Also, knee-length trench styles without a belt look great on you.
  • Rule #3: Shift dresses and A-line dresses work for curvy apples, so say yes to the dress!

There are so many body types, and G-d gave each woman her own unique shape. I hope you use these ideas and remember: don’t try to be someone else; be the best you that you can be.

As a rule of thumb, confidence is the first step to looking your best. When you look in the mirror, pick at least one thing that you want to highlight, that you love about yourself, and go from there. Remember that to be your best and to give love to others, you need to love yourself first. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, accentuate your assets, and have fun with it. Happy shopping!

Michal Goldfein is a fashion influencer and content creator on Instagram and posts daily modest fashion inspiration @TheFashionDetour. You can listen to her modest fashion podcast on Apple podcast and on Email your fashion questions to Michal at


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