Mayor Tomer Glam and Motti ben Yitzack

Imagine a city by the sea in southern Israel, fringed by white sands, palm trees, and the blue Mediterranean Sea. A city that is beautiful and clean, with mild winters and cooling breezes in the summer months. A well-appointed city, with a bustling marina filled with kosher eateries and a boardwalk that extends for miles, shopping centers, leisure activities, and an extensive and stunning national park, featuring archeological treasures and carpets of springtime flowers. You are imagining Ashkelon.

Ashkelon’s Anglo community has mushroomed in the past few years as people discover the secrets of this southern city. Just 45 minutes from Tel Aviv and an hour from Jerusalem, with train and bus links that will take you all over the country, Ashkelon is an undiscovered gem. Furthermore, Ashkelon’s real-estate prices are half those of Tel Aviv. Your money will go twice as far and, as a result, the city is now drawing Americans in large numbers.

Prices in Ashkelon are, however, rising. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to make an investment that will literally change your life. It’s an investment that falls comfortably within your budget, yet can offer you the very best of accommodations in a city that has so much to offer. Your apartment will have great sea views and you will be protected by your own secure room, just as the city is protected by the Iron Dome. As for your personal safety, in Ashkelon you can walk down the street, along the beach, and through parks in the middle of the night without worry. At a time of political uncertainty and rising anti-Semitism in the U.S., it is not hard to understand why so many Americans are looking for a bolt hole or place to retire that is the antithesis of growing insecurity. You will feel safe in Ashkelon.

There are two Ashkenazi shuls, among many hundreds of other places of worship. One was recently opened near the beach by American and British residents. The Central Ashkenazi Synagogue in the Afrida area, which was founded by South Africans in the 1950s, also attracts a dedicated Anglo following. Newcomers are surprised by the friendliness of the community, the welcome that is extended to all, and the social interactions that are enjoyed between all Anglo groups.

Now imagine the ideal realtor. Someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and truly cares. Someone who will hold your hand throughout your purchase, introducing you to top level professionals and guiding you through the process of buying a home in Israel. Someone who will always give you the best advice possible and who is endorsed by Ashkelon’s mayor, Mr. Tomer Glam. You are imagining Motti ben Yitzack, Mr. Ashkelon.

Motti grew up in London, England, and made aliyah in 2004 to fulfill his Zionist dream. After scouring the country for the best place to live, he and his wife, Susie, settled on Ashkelon. He has been working in the real estate business since 2011.

“I entered the real estate business almost by accident. A friend from London asked me to assist him in negotiating the labyrinth of bureaucracy as he was attempting to buy his first property in Israel. I managed to clear a smooth path for him, and then other potential purchasers approached me as well. It became clear that there were many buyers who feared they would fall into a pothole when buying and needed someone to hold their hand through the process.

“In the past 11 years I have acquired a great knowledge of the industry and local area. My specialized knowledge of Ashkelon provides a real safety net for my customers. I know where to buy, and who from, as well as where not to buy and which builders to avoid. Many of my clients have become real friends. The work I do is very rewarding, knowing that I’ve helped so many people to make some very good decisions.”

Motti’s many testimonials speak to the level of service and attention he gives to each person.

“We had very specific needs—we wanted a place with beautiful sea views, it had to be spacious, especially the kitchen. Motti didn’t waste our time showing properties that didn’t fit the bill; instead he took time to find the right place that checked all the boxes. We’ve been recommending Motti to our friends ever since and he has never let them or us down.”—Mark and Debbie Steinberg Gross

“We have known Motti for many, many years in the capacity of him taking very good care of an apartment we currently own in Ashkelon and tonight he has helped us initiate building our dream apartment in Ashkelon.”—Maxine and Matthew Zysmore

For the future, Ashkelon is building the largest water park in the Middle East. And, while Intel and HP, with 15,000 employees, are situated just outside Ashkelon, the largest hi-tech park is also currently under construction in the city. As the mayor says, “In the city of Ashkelon you will find warm citizens and a dynamic city constantly celebrating its development. Ashkelon is a city that is shaping the future.”

Let Ashkelon, together with Motti, its most appreciated realtor, help shape your future and that of generations to come.


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