Richard Bernstein
Richard Bernstein
Richard Bernstein

Richard Bernstein is a successful lawyer, adjunct professor of law, athlete (17 marathons plus IronMan), radio host, and motivational speaker. He has accomplished all of this in spite of being blind from birth.

Richard runs his family law firm’s pro bono department advocating for people with disabilities and special needs. Richard challenges people, big businesses, universities, cities, and states. He has won every case and has never charged or sued for money. His goal is to make positive changes in the world and he has been tremendously successful.

Rabbi Chayim and Sarah Alevsky, directors of Chabad of the West Side Family Programs, recently had the privilege to meet Richard Bernstein and noted, “They say justice is blind. Richard Bernstein, despite his physical blindness, sees more in the hearts and minds of others than most who have been blessed with the gift of sight. With his true gift of seeing what is truly important and vital, he uplifts us all and reminds us of what really matters in life.”

Richard Bernstein is scheduled to speak at The Jean Fischman Chabad Center of the Five Towns’ Friendship Circle, on Tuesday, May 28 at 7:00 p.m. in conjunction with The Friendship Circle Evening of Volunteer Appreciation.

“When Chabad’s Friendship Circle opened its doors six years ago, our goal was to reach out and extend a helping hand to families who have children with special needs,” stated Batsheva Borenstein, Friendship Circle director. “The Friendship Circle is made up of five parts: the volunteers, children, parents, supporters, and staff. The true beauty of it is how we all link together to form a seamless circle of friendship. Today, with over 135 families and 155 volunteers, we strive to expand and strengthen our circle.”

An exciting award ceremony for all the Friendship Circle volunteers will take place Tuesday, May 28, at Chabad of the Five Towns. To place an ad in the volunteer commemorative book, for more information, or to make a reservation, visit, e-mail, or call 516-295-2478. v


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