Humanitarian aid reaches Gaza via the temporary Trident Pier, June 11, 2024. Staff Sgt. Mikayla Fritz-U.S. Army Photo.

The pier anchored to the Gaza coast for purposes of aid delivery will again be relocated temporarily, U.S. Central Command said on Friday evening.

“Today, due to expected high seas, the temporary pier will be removed from its anchored position in Gaza and towed back to Ashdod, Israel,” CENTCOM stated. “The safety of our service members is a top priority and temporarily relocating the pier will prevent structural damage caused by the heightened sea state.”

“The decision to temporarily relocate the pier is not made lightly but is necessary to ensure the temporary pier can continue to deliver aid in the future,” it said. “After the period of expected high seas, the pier will be rapidly re-anchored to the coast of Gaza and resume delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

Some 7.7 million pounds of aid have arrived via the pier since May 17, CENTCOM said.

The pier was removed after it broke, and pieces reportedly floated to shore. After its repair, it was re-anchored to the shore.


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