HAFTR students support Israel

In response to the devastating terrorist attack on Israel, HAFTR mobilized its community to extend unwavering support to the Jewish homeland. Across all divisions in the yeshiva, students, and faculty members rallied together, demonstrating their stalwart commitment to Israel. Students and staff came together, eager to make a meaningful impact in supporting Israel. Within hours of returning to school after the Sukkot break, the HAFTR community sprang into action, showcasing a remarkable display of unity and determination.

HAFTR Lower School, Middle School, and High School Divisions held unified, inspiring assemblies where tefillot and words of chizuk were shared by administrators Mr. Joshua Gold, principal of the Lower and Middle School, Ms. Naomi Lippman, Head of School of the High School, and Rabbi Ira Wallach, rosh yeshiva. The Middle School joined a joint Zoom prayer recitation assembly. The Middle School and High School created Tehillim groups where students are committed to daily recitations. The Lower School recites them collectively every school day. These assemblies reaffirm the deep-rooted ties that bind the students to the Jewish homeland. In the Early Childhood Division, the children made cards and notes to send to the chayalim. HAFTR had its Shabbat oneg on Friday morning, led by Rabbi Ben Apsan. During the Shabbat oneg, the youngest students sang and danced along to Shabbat songs and songs about Israel.


On October 11, the High School welcomed one of its alumni to share his profound experiences in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and express his deep affection for Israel with the seniors. The event served as a powerful send-off for the alumnus, who later departed to stand in defense of our homeland. All the while, the students developed a dedicated davening campaign to offer spiritual support for HAFTR alumni currently serving in the IDF. Furthermore, the High School educators are engaging students in comprehensive discussions about the complex context of the conflict.

Additionally, various initiatives launched by the administration and students emphasized tangible support for Israel. Fundraising campaigns were swiftly organized by our community to aid relief efforts, reflecting our yeshiva’s steadfast commitment to our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael. 2020 alumni started their own fund to support IDF soldiers.

HAFTR quickly launched drives for equipment and needed supplies for the Israeli Defense Forces. Students and community members contributed clothing, toiletries, electronics, and food. The High School initiated its own toy drive. Students organized and packed boxes that were then immediately shipped to Israel. To supplement the physical goods, the Lower School penned letters to soldiers imbued with words of encouragement, praise, and blessing. These letters were placed into the same boxes.

The collective response from HAFTR’s students and faculty members serves as a testament to the strength of the yeshiva’s close-knit community. By actively engaging with the events in Israel, HAFTR educates its students about the significance of resolute support and also empowers them to take meaningful action in times of need. Through their unwavering support for Israel, HAFTR has not only uplifted the spirits of those directly affected but also inspired a generation of compassionate and socially aware future Jewish leaders.


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