Esther Fogel

6 Tips To Communicate At Holiday Gatherings

It’s the season to be near and with loved ones, and we’re excited to be there with and for you for all your hearing care needs. As you move into the holiday season, consider these communication tips for interaction with your loved ones who may have hearing loss. It’s such a wonderful time of year and being able to hear the sounds of the season makes it all the more special. With just a few empowering tips, you can listen—and celebrate—your best:

  1. Coach loved ones. Most people without hearing loss never learned how to effectively communicate with someone who has hearing loss. They’ll appreciate the input.
  2. Turn it down. Ask the host to turn down the music or TV. It’s their job to ensure guests enjoy themselves.
  3. Be strategic. Choose a spot with good lighting (for lip-reading) that’s away from the music and isn’t surrounded by people.
  4. Look at the person speaking. Some of today’s tech focuses on sounds in front and filters out noise elsewhere.
  5. Give feedback. The person speaking will appreciate it. Use nonverbal cues or words of encouragement.
  6. Ask for rephrasing. The most common hearing loss type involves loss of clarity, not volume. If you miss something, ask the speaker to rephrase it.


If your loved ones struggle in family gatherings this could mean they have a hearing loss. Don’t wait. Call us for a hearing consultation today!


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