Last night’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) advertisement included the hashtag, #hitlerwasright as a promulgation of antisemitism spread through Facebook.

CyberWell, an innovative tech nonprofit focused on monitoring for and combatting the spread of antisemitism through social media, provides some date on use of this hashtag

In its Nov. 2023 Israel-Hamas War Trending Antisemitic Narratives & Calls to Violence Report for platforms, CyberWell found:

“Through our social listening tools, in the weeks following the October 7 massacre by Hamas, CyberWell detected a 1,600% surge in the hashtag #HitlerWasRight with a potential reach of 25 million users on X (formerly Twitter) alone. In comparison, during the two weeks prior, #HitlerWasRight had a potential reach of “just” 300,000.

This hashtag and phrase tends to spike during major world events involving Jews or Israel. In October of 2022 there was one such surge following Ye’s (formerly Kanye West) antisemitic tirades.

In Arabic, in the two weeks leading up to October 7th, our social listening tool detected just 3 posts with the phrase, هتلر كان على حق[Hitler was right], with a reach of 146k. In the following two weeks, the number of posts increased by 29,000%, with the reach increasing to 465,000.

As the absolute number of posts grew significantly but the reach did not grow at a proportional rate, it is likely that the term is being de-amplified. However, a potential reach of almost half a million viewers is still too much for such a disgusting trend that is in clear violation of community standards.

Furthermore, on October 17 and 18 alone, and following the al-Ahli Arab Hospital explosion, this Arabic phrase saw a spike of 146%.

CyberWell’s report recommended that the hashtag #HitlerWasRight and the corresponding Arabic phrase should be monitored and removed at scale on an ongoing basis. Because of its efforts, the hashtag has been blocked on Facebook, TikTok and X, whilst it still can be found on Instagram, though primarily in posts meant to condemn its use or to educate on online antisemitism. 

CyberWell’s recent report on Oct. 7 denial promulgated through social media can be found at:

Tal-Or Cohen Montemayor is the founder and executive director of CyberWell, an international nonprofit organization focused on combatting the growing wave of online antisemitism and Jew hatred being spread through social media. The organization uniquely works with leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to identify and remove antisemitic content.

Cohen Montemayor founded CyberWell in October 2021 by creating the world’s first open database of antisemitic social media posts. As an expert in how social media platforms work, she has become a trusted partner to help them identify hate speech and extremism. Her expertise extends to hate crime reporting and advocating for legislation to ban this type of content. Employing cutting-edge methodologies and technologies encompassing big data management, machine learning and lexicon development, she has spearheaded numerous open-source intelligence research projects.

CyberWell is an international technology-based non-profit organization working to combat the spread of antisemitism on social media. The organization leverages AI to actively monitor and report content to platform moderators and holds the social media platform accountable to their own community and hate speech standards while providing real-time alerts for hate content being shared through the platforms and by training platform moderators to better understand Jew-hatred. It, and its creation – the first-ever open database of antisemitic social media posts – has quickly become one of the most effective tools against the rapid growth of online Jew-hate.

CyberWell’s strong understanding of both antisemitism and how social media companies operate has led to its development and employment of a customized AI-empowered technology that currently tracks English and Arabic language posts and videos uploaded through all major social media platforms against the standards for antisemitism set in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition. Once a post is flagged as potentially in violation of the IHRA definition, CyberWell’s expert analysts review the post in question, identify the platform’s community standards and hate speech policies the content potentially violates and upon confirmation, report the post directly to content moderators leveraging the organization’s status as a Trusted Partner. When larger antisemitic trends, campaigns or policy enforcement gaps are identified, CyberWell crafts tailored high-level compliance alerts with actionable data points that empower the social media platforms to independently check how far the trend has spread and implement systematic interventions when appropriate.

CyberWell has developed a strong success rate of helping to remove the scourge of antisemitic content from social media. The organization boasts a 91 percent success rate with Meta’s platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and a 98 percent through TikTok. Typically, less than 25 percent of reported antisemitic content would otherwise be removed.

Simultaneously, CyberWell posts the content to its open database of online antisemitism (, democratizing the information and holding platforms to greater user accountability. By offering real-time data, CyberWell aims to create transparency about the current state of online Jew-hatred and has helped to generate the necessary momentum to prompt more proactive action from social media platforms.

CyberWell partners with social media platforms to create tangible changes by educating their team members about antisemitism and providing real-time alerts and analysis which helps to moderate content at scale. By understanding the way these platforms operate, and holding them accountable to their own prescribed policies, CyberWell is already making a tangible impact in this fight.

CyberWell is an international technology non-profit combatting online antisemitism by monitoring, reporting and holding social media platforms accountable for hate speech promulgated through their websites and apps. CyberWell’s AI technology monitors for posts, currently in English and Arabic, that are consistent with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, which the organization then reports to moderators alongside the platform-prescribed policies it violates. By understanding and leveraging how social media companies operate, CyberWell has achieved incredible success rates in removing Jew-hatred at scale, sparking policy guidance for content moderators and updating social media policy to account for all forms of antisemitism.

CyberWell indexes all verified posts in the first-ever open database of antisemitic social media posts – democratically cataloging it for transparency. Through partnerships, education, and real-time alerts, CyberWell is influencing social media platforms to take proactive steps against online Jew-hate. For more information, visit:


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