Ishay Ribo is set to make history as he takes the stage at the Madison Square Garden Arena on Sunday, September 3rd. Live Nation, the leading international production company, has chosen Ishay Ribo to be part of its prestigious lineup of international singers this year.

The concert, which is being produced in partnership with Bnei Akiva of The United States and Canada, a movement at the forefront of connecting Israel to the North American Jewish community, is projected to be the biggest Jewish concert ever. With the internationally acclaimed Live Nation team leading the production alongside Davidson Management, the event is set to be on a caliber never seen before in Jewish music. Exquisite artwork, set design, and superb sound quality are just some of the features that will set this concert apart from anything done before.

The event will be part of Ribo’s annual Elul tour, known for its uniquely soulful and inspiring concerts where the artist weaves together traditional High Holiday melodies with his own music. The songs chosen for the tour have been updated and revised from previous years, with tracks specially selected to fit with the theme of the tour.

Since launching his first Album in 2011, Ribo has gained huge popularity across the Jewish spectrum. He has managed to captivate diverse audiences throughout the frum world as well as Jews from secular backgrounds, both in Israel and abroad.

Over the past four years, Ribo has performed for tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans throughout the United States at renowned music venues such as Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre, New York’s United Palace, Miami’s Hard Rock Live, Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, and the historic sold-out performance at Arthur Ashe Stadium last May.

Recently, The New York Times, one of the world’s most influential newspapers, featured a profile article delving into Ribo’s remarkable success, particularly among secular audiences in Israel and the United States.

In addition to his continued accomplishments in the United States, Ishay Ribo has graced stages worldwide, including London’s Palladium Theatre, Théâtre Mogador in Paris, Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia, as well as Sydney, Toronto, and more. He is scheduled to perform in Montreal next week and will embark on a tour to South Africa in November.

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Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Ishay shares his thoughts:

Dear Friends,

I often look at myself and wonder if this is all real or if I am just living in a dream; I guess they are both true.

In many ways, my career as a singer has been nothing short of miraculous. Sitting on my bed as a child strumming a guitar, I could never have imagined that things would turn out the way they did.

Of course, I worked hard and put in effort but there is an enormous gap between my efforts and what G-d has given me in return.

I have no doubt that my success is largely due to the incredible people in my life, from my special, G-d fearing parents to my dear wife who stood by me when things were uncertain and encouraged me to persevere and pursue my dream.

And to you, my dear audience and friends all around the world, I owe a special degree of gratitude. You have supported me right from the start until today and I can’t thank you enough for it.

I could never have dreamed that I would one day perform at the Madison Square Gardens, one of the most prestigious venues in the world, singing original songs of mine together with ancient melodies from the prayers of the High Holidays.

There’s really nothing more to say except…. Thank you Hashem!



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