Protestors at Cedarhurst Real Estate Show 3-12-24

The anti-Israel protesters waving large Palestinian flags and chanting things like “Free Palestine” finally made it to the Five Towns on Tuesday night in what looked like an anti-Israel rally.

It all started a few weeks ago when an Israeli-based organizer set up an array of real estate shows to introduce potential home buyers to the myriad of possibilities of purchasing a home in Israel along with all the regulations and technical details.

The organizer of these expos, Gidon Katz of Israel Media Placement, is a veteran public relations and advertising professional who is well acquainted with the American and Canadian markets, and the ties of those communities to Israel.

Gidon Katz, real estate event organizer in Cedarhurst

For the anti-Israel antagonists, it looked like an opportunity to exploit a situation that is supported by mounting anti-Israel sentiment in the aftermath of October 7, when more than 1,400 residents of Israel were murdered and over 240 were kidnapped to Gaza, and where over 130 are still being held. Israeli officials believe that as many as half of those being held may have died in captivity.

And though Israel has agreed to a ceasefire more than a few times over the last several months, the vicious sub-humans who run Hamas see that there is mounting anti-Israel sentiment growing in the U.S. and they do not want to miss the opportunity to create an even larger wedge between the U.S. and Israel. And that is primarily why more of the hostages have not been released.

While the Tuesday night real estate show at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst was a great success, the anti-Israel protests were a big dud, with only a few dozen paid agitators screaming their loudest, though drowned out by the Israeli music being played in nearby cars.

The Nassau County Police Department and Commissioner Patrick J. Ryder, along with County Executive Bruce Blakeman, did a superb job in maintaining calm and civility, allowed whoever wanted to express themselves the freedom to do so, and then shortly after dark, everyone went home.

The disappointing thing was the presence of the Neturei Karta anti-Zionist group, who stood with the miscreants waving Palestinian flags, looking oddly out-of-place and quite misguided.

Additionally disappointing was the news that the real estate event scheduled for Wednesday evening was cancelled at the request of the N.Y.P.D.

This is an additional failure for Mayor Eric Adams and his police commissioner Edward Caban. If they supported Israel as they say they do and if that support was more than just pandering or lip service, they could have put together the manpower they needed to see to it that the real estate event would go as planned.

When it comes to securing venues or protecting people, why is Brooklyn different from Cedarhurst, where there was a significant police presence and everything went smoothly. A source in Mayor Adams’ office insisted that the police were ready to provide security and as far as the police were concerned, there was no reason to cancel the Brooklyn event. The real estate organizers were in touch with the shul rabbi who told them police had warned him that having the show go forward could be dangerous. That is when they cancelled it.

Additional sources who wanted to remain anonymous said that the decision to cancel the program came about after it was discussed by community rabbis who were told by police officials that while the show may go forward without incident, they cannot discount the possibility that there could be ramifications for the community in the days and weeks ahead.

Regardless of what led to the cancellation of the show in Brooklyn, the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas paid demonstrators have now been emboldened and who knows what they might come up with next to harass and intimidate Jews?


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  1. B”H Here we go again. The historically untutored publisher-editor of this extreme right-wing printed version of Newsmax and OAN wrapped into one is preparing the groundwork for the endorsement of the manifestly multi-deficient 45th president to become our “dictator for a day” dangerous retributive autocrat as the 47th chief executive on November 5th! With such a not-so-secret agenda, it behooves our local political hound to distort facts, even lie, as he manifestly does when he pronounces our better incumbent President Biden’s spirited SOTU speech “an unmitigated fiasco.” Did he mean my nominal party’s pathetic response given by the artificial Senator Katie Britt (R-AL)? In his pursuit of calumny and cheap political shots, Larry Gordon performs a public disservice in failing to acknowledge a truism that has held since President Harry S. Truman, overcoming his wife’s embedded anti-Semitism, recognized the new State of Israel moments after it was proclaimed, May 14, 1948. Every American president since has tried to outdo the support and love for the Jewish State and the Jewish People of his predecessor! The justified criticism that is articulated in the mayhem that has ensued since the barbaric Hamas attack on the land and citizens of Israel is not directed on tour homeland’s right to defend itself from an existential threat in a final definitive fashion — eliminating a psychopathic infrastructure, fully armed by Hezbollah and Iran, pledged to the elimination of Israel and the Nazi-like implementation of extermination of Jews! Rather than fall in Larry’s and the like-minded who associate any critique of an incumbent Israeli government with anti-Semitism, let’s vigorously and easily expose them as enemies of unfettered responsible speech; ready and willing to condemn Israel’s [premier for cynically deflecting from his considerable personal moral lapses (corruption and lurch to abuse power) and politically troubling association with racists — all in an attempt to keep office, the better to postpone the day of reckoning with the justice. Any congruence an observer draws with the 45th President’s alleged violations of the guardrails a liberal democracy maintains to keep autocrats at bay is intentional! With nine Senators (including the Majority Leader), 26 House members, and 56 major appointees i the Biden Administration who are Jewish, it’s patently absurd, and laughable — Gordon is frequently both — to maintain that our President is opposed to Israel and our People! As to the way the Israel-Hamas War can immediately end, there’s no doubt that the return of hostages, and having the murderous infrastructure dismantle and surrender can bring about the desired result. We don’t need to belabor the point that Hamas tactics are despicable: intentionally cowardly making their civilians human shields or having built kilometers of tunnels from which to spring attacks on Israel. Such strategies put added stress on the IDF to fight honorably, as it does; however, the optics of increased collateral damage in deaths of noncombatants and buildings arouse the immediate sympathy of public opinion. A recent interview with IDF General Itzhak Brik expert in tank warfare admitted that aerial surgical operations succeeded in taking out specific Hamas targets and had the world behind Israel; protracted ground actions had a reverse effect. It’s a pity that the 5TJT fails to inform and educate a discerning readership, preferring to dish out the tasteless propaganda contained in this latest contribution to deadened minds. As to the attack on Jonathan Glazer, he missed an opportunity to come down on the side of the angels; unequivocally to call out Hamas and those in American campuses who shed no tears for its intended victims — the land from river to sea their adherents want to absorb for Palestine and the Jews who have found refuge from the world’s atrocious and repeated failure to accept them within their borders! As we must never turn against immigrants and refugees “that’s not who we (Americans) are,” intones our President. we must also reject Larry’s willful wiles on behalf of the MAGA crowd and their cultist leader. Gordon twice misled our community to make an appalling choice; let’s reject his misapplied journalism as we permit the courts to deal with the candidate-misanthrope who vies for a return for another chance to sully the White House. In time, Bibi, his aura of leadership so promising and ascending a dozen years ago, has been vitiated through scandal and the perceived invincibility that surrounds authoritarian wannabes; that never characterized who we, Jews, are! Finally, I can conclude and aspire to a note of unity in the chastisement of Senator Chuck Schumer by Naftali Bennett, Bibi’s predecessor stated on the same day that Larry Gordon’s graceless opinion piece surfaced and in response to the lawmaker’s suggestion for an immediate Israeli election to replace Netanyahu. “Regardless of our political opinion (and Bennett despises Bibi), we strongly oppose external political intervention in Israel’s internal affairs. We are an independent nation not a banana republic.” Shabbat shalom. With fraternal affection, Asher 🙏😢🇺🇸😩🔯🤣🇮🇱🕍


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